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Must-Have Fashion Trends For AW21

Must-Have Fashion Trends For AW21

Each season we await the fashion must-haves from the catwalks of the most influential designers with hope and excitement. But, unfortunately, all too often, they are not the sort of thing you could get away with wearing to the office. So, this autumn/winter, we are thrilled with the items that have been showcased, and we will certainly be taking our inspiration from many of them as we head into the cooler months.

Big knits

What could be better on a day when the Mercury has plummeted than wrapping up warm in some gorgeous knitwear. This year we are all about mega knits, think floor-length, full coverage, and so cosy. This is undoubtedly one fashion must-have we all want to get in on. The catwalks were full of knitted dresses that touched the floor, rolled necks, and were all about keeping yourself warm throughout the winter. A trend not to miss!

Green to be seen!

Although it may not be the first colour that crosses your mind when you browse for new clothes, this season is all about green. Maybe there is a slight irony that as the leaves on the trees turn brown, you grab some fantastic green pieces, but it certainly seems to work. And we are not talking about muted greens. We are talking full-on in-your-face pea-green, and the items shown on the catwalks were simply stunning. You can add green to your wardrobe in any way you like from shirts to dresses, trousers to jackets the choice is yours but keep it green.

Stunning accessories

Accessories are another critical feature of the perfect autumn/winter wardrobe, and we are delighted to see that silver jewellery has been added to many of the looks. The great thing about silver is it never goes out of fashion, so add silver rings, necklaces, earrings, and more to perfect your seasonal look.

Silver rings from Daisy Jewellery – Credit @tashaahenson

Cut-outs are back

Cut-outs often divide the audience, but this season they are back in fashion. We have seen some stunning jumpers with one cold shoulder, a backless knit, and many other fantastic pieces that feature cut out panels across the board. They may not offer the same degree of warmth, but when you’re safely ensconced in the office, they will undoubtedly make a statement.

Get shirty!

Speaking of the office, the shirt is a key piece for the autumn-winter season. It’s best combined with other layers, including waistcoats and dresses or worn with a high waisted corset but be in no doubt the shirt is back. Of course, the most on-point way to showcase your shirt is to go for the crisp classic white with long sleeves and cuffs. You could even add some silver cufflinks to complete the look.

Puff up to beat the cold

Finally, if you are searching for the perfect look for strolling in the park with your dog or walking to the office, then consider the puffer jacket. Yes, they are back, and the bigger, the better. You can go for bright colours or something darker. It’s the size that wins this season.


Images: Unsplash