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The Best Apps for Buying and Selling Preloved Clothing
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The Best Apps for Buying and Selling Preloved Clothing

We all understand the difficulty of updating your wardrobe without going bankrupt. If you simply don’t have the self-restraint to not shop, one solution is to buy preloved clothing. And yes, preloved clothing – not just any old second-hand tat.

Whether you’re looking to boost your style on a budget or sell unwanted clothing for extra spending money, we’ve compared three popular buying-and-selling mobile apps to help you determine which is the right fit for your needs.


In brief: eBay’s app is easy to use for both buyers and sellers – it’s so much faster to list items on your mobile than on your laptop, and buyers can indulge in bidding wars when they’re out and about. This helpful resource also gives you great insight into eBay offers and deals.

Best features

For sellers, there are so many item specifics available in the listing pages, meaning you can describe your preloved clothing in great detail. The ability to receive push notifications when someone’s paid or placed a bid means it’s easy to stay on top of your activity. Besides, there are tools like this eBay fee calculator that can help sellers determine how much they’ll pay in fees, which can be helpful when putting up prices for listings.

Worst features

eBay’s website features ‘Collections’, curated shopping lists based upon fashion trends and other themes. This is absent in the app version, which is a shame as it’s great for shopping inspiration.


In brief: Depop blends Instagram with eBay, and the fact that it focuses almost solely on fashion means this is the place to go for rare vintage finds and well-cared-for classics.

Best features

That Instagram element is truly addictive, and, as a seller, you’re encouraged to get really creative with your photography. Once you’ve built up a good follower base and created a solid Depop feed, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the sales come in.

Worst features

Every Depop user seems to have the same bugbear: Depop’s fees. Sadly, because of the fees, Depop is rife with scammers who try to ask users to send or receive money outside of the app. Don’t do this, as Depop offers you no protection or compensation if you choose to take this risk.

Vestiare Collective

In brief: The place to go if you are in the market for preloved designer goods or are looking for a suitable place to sell your own luxury wares. The app is slick, responsive, and, thanks to all the beautiful designer pieces on display, pretty addictive.

Best features

Vestiare Collective authenticates all of its designer products so, as a buyer, you definitely won’t be buying counterfeit goods. The company offers amazing customer support for sellers, making the item listing experience as painless as possible.

Worst features

Amongst the thousands of product listings, it’s rather common to spot items that have already sold. If you’re selling, it’s worth checking out Vestiare Collective’s commission rates – those fees can certainly creep up on you.