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6 Tips for Quelling Those First-Date Nerves

6 Tips for Quelling Those First-Date Nerves

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of going on a date with someone for the very first. Who knows—this may be your chance to create a strong and meaningful connection with the person you’re meeting and even explore a new relationship with them. 

But it’s just common to feel as anxious about a first date as it is to be excited. As the hour of the date approaches, your hands might tremble slightly, and your thoughts may begin to race. You might even get a funny feeling in your gut as if butterflies were fluttering in your stomach. Will you have a good time? Will things go according to plan? Will your date think highly enough of you to ask you out again?  

Although these “symptoms” may make you think that you’re unwell, you shouldn’t worry about them too much. Remember that it’s completely normal to get first-date jitters. All the same, letting your nerves get to you can spoil your enjoyment. With that in mind, here are some tips for quelling those nerves and approaching your first date with confidence and a positive mindset:

1) Practice self-care and relaxation techniques

First, make sure to take some time to relax and practice self-care a few days or even a couple of weeks before your scheduled date. Engage in activities that can boost your physical and mental well-being, whether it’s going for a walk, indulging in a hobby, or treating yourself to something special. 

Doing this can help you stay calm and boost your mood for a prolonged period. When it’s time to actually meet your date, you’re likelier to come off as centred and confident rather than anxious or jittery. 

2) Run through your plans

Preparation is key to feeling both positive and confident on your first date. Planning ahead will allow you and your date to make the necessary arrangements and ensure that you’ll both have a great time on the day of your meetup. 

Choose a comfortable location or activity that aligns with your interests, and familiarize yourself with potential conversation starters or topics you’d like to explore. Though some of the best moments of your date will be the spontaneous ones, both you and your date may benefit from some structure to get off on a good note and feel less nervous around each other. 

3) Dress comfortably, confidently, and appropriately

The way you dress can significantly impact your mood and raise your confidence levels when you’re out on a date. As such, it would be good to wear a comfortable outfit that best reflects your personal style. 

In addition, you’ll want to ensure that your attire is appropriate for the occasion and venue. For example, if your date will be at an amusement park, you’ll want to put on your favourite casual top and pair it with high-quality women’s leggings so that you can sit anywhere and walk for long periods from ride to ride. If your date will take place at a fine dining establishment, on the other hand, stick to an elegant ensemble like a little black dress and heels combo. 

4) Shift your mindset

Our thoughts have a powerful impact on our emotions and actions, and if you’re the type of person who dwells on the negatives, your worries about your date will just continue to grow. 

Instead of focusing on catastrophic “what ifs,” try to shift your mindset towards the good things that can come out of your date. Remind yourself of your strengths, qualities, and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead—like a friendship, a romantic relationship, or just some clarity on what it is you’re truly looking for in a partner. 

Visualize the date going well, and imagine yourself feeling calm and confident. Reframing your thoughts this way will allow you to come into your date with a positive and empowering mindset, and that energy will likely influence the outcome of your date. 

5) Call a friend to hype you up

Feeling particularly anxious before your date and need someone to give you a pep talk? Don’t hesitate to reach out to a supportive friend so they can remind you of your most amazing qualities and cheer you on before your meetup. 

Hearing about all your positive attributes from someone you love can also improve the way you see yourself and keep you from unnecessarily shooting yourself down with your insecurities right before you see your date. If you and your friend succeed at boosting your self-esteem, it won’t be hard for your date to see the same best qualities shine through in you—and they’ll likely enjoy getting to know and spending time with you.

6) Stay present and enjoy the moment

It’s natural to want to fast-forward to the future and worry about what will happen after the date. All the same, remember that it’s in your best interest to stay present and enjoy the moment. Focus on the conversations you’re having with the person in front of you and the experience you’re sharing together. Whether something comes out of the date or not, being present will help you make the most of the time you planned with your date. 

Again, don’t let your first-date nerves get to you so much that they ruin the special occasion. Instead, take the jitters as a sign to work on your personal growth and an opportunity to discover more about yourself and what you want out of a romantic connection. 

With the tips listed above, it will hopefully be easier for you to quell those nerves and approach your first date with full confidence in what you’re made of. Take a breather, prepare what you need to, and simply show up and have the best time you can!

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