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Blogging Tips: Top Blogging Networks for Paid Blogging Opportunities
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Blogging Tips: Top Blogging Networks for Paid Blogging Opportunities

It is fair to say that at the current time a lot of people are not able to do their jobs as normal. If you’re looking for ways to bring in some extra income and have a blog, you may be able to pick up some writing and blogging work. It can be hard to know where to start, so here are some great tips when it comes to finding blogging jobs that pay. Remember, not all of them do, so if that is the most important element, check out the information below.

Another thing you may find is blogging networks offering gifts in return for the blogs you write. Technically they’re not paid, but very often fashion and lifestyle brands will ask for bloggers, and in return, you will be gifted some items from their range. You can always ask if they’re prepared to offer payment instead, as some will be agreeable, whereas others won’t.

However, if you have a blog, no matter the domain authority (DA), you can find paid blogger jobs on a variety of networks. Check out some of the top places to look below:

Get Blogged

A great place to start is Get Blogged, and this is one of the best platforms for matching bloggers and brands directly. They recently launched the ‘Marketplace’ as part of their blogger outreach services, and here you will find many opportunities for paid guest posts, as well as different jobs managed by the Get Blogged team.


Signing up to people PeoplePerHour is free, but they take a commission from every job you do that is found on their site. That said, it is a busy website, and many of their top-ranked freelancers make more than respectable living from the work they generate. Sign yourself up with a profile describing what you are good at and then have a look at the people who are after a blogger to do some work. It’s not just blogging on the site so if you happen to be good at accounting, video editing and more you may also find extra work there.


This network is targeted at parents, and here you will be matched by the company to jobs they think you’re suitable for. To get work from them, you have to add their badge to your website to show your commitment. However, it seems to be a busy and well-run site that will offer you a decent amount of work once you have proven your blogging skills.

Mumsnet Influencer Network

Mumsnet is massively well-known, mainly for their forums offering advice and help to parents across the world. They send out information in emails from their influencer network looking to match bloggers with their brands. Sometimes you will be offered payment other times you may be offered things like a paid trip to Disney World. You do have to be selected, but it doesn’t hurt to sign up, and you never know you might get lucky.

The best piece of advice we can offer is never to give up. It does take a while to break into the world of blogging, but it can be very enjoyable once you get going. Just remember to keep an eye on your taxes and declare any extra income if you do make some cash from paid blogging jobs.


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