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Top Tips For Taking Better Instagram Photos
instagram photo tips
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Top Tips For Taking Better Instagram Photos

Thanks to Instagram, everyone can be a fashion icon. It’s a fun, easy to use platform and it’s a great way to put your style out there and get noticed. However, it’s not hard to spot that some Instagram accounts are better than others. This is because those who have gorgeous, enviable accounts know how to use the platform properly (or know someone who does). So, want to up your game and get more Instagram followers? Here’s how to take better Instagram pictures.

instagram photo tips

Learn photography basics

Even though people carry a camera around with them everywhere in the form of a smartphone, many people forget photography basics when taking a photo. Doing some research on basic photography principles, as well as Instagram-specific photography advice can help you get to know the many amazing features that are there at your fingertips to create fantastic photos.

Lighting is everything

Dark, dull, grainy photos are one of the main problems with Instagram photos. It’s important that you find good, natural lighting that will make images clear and sharp and make colours appear as they should be. Aim to take photos early morning or early evening when the sun is out, but not too bright, and cloudy days are great too. Too much sunlight can make a photo too bright and affect details of your outfit or makeup, and rely on indoor lighting will make them too warm and yellow-tinted. When people browse Instagram, they tend to be drawn towards lighter photographs. If your photo doesn’t quite hit the right lighting note, you can always edit it to improve its appearance later.

Get a photographer

If you’re serious about using your Instagram to boost your popularity, read your blog or sell your product, then you should consider getting a photographer. A photographer can take care of all the lighting and composition issues, while you worry about posing and looking fabulous. A photographer for small Instagram shoots may not be as expensive as you think – and if you take multiple outfits with you, you can bank some material for days or even weeks. Choose a photographer who has experience in fashion where you can get high-quality photographs from a professional photographer who will make your Instagram stand out from the rest. It’s a great investment, and worth it to get the best photos.

Ease up on the filters

Filters are great and are used all the time to help people create themes and recurring styles for their pages. However, too many filters or too obvious a filter can look fake and unnatural, so the trick is to apply the filter, but bring the level right down to 20-30 so that you get a pop of style, without going overboard. Learning how to brighten and add contrast to your photos will serve you better than relying on filters, and it’s recommended that you stick to one or two filters throughout your account to keep things consistent. You don’t even have to use Instagram to edit your photos, as there are many photo editing apps available that can transform your photos easily for a professional look.

Finding your way on Instagram may take some time, as well as trial and error, but when you master it, the results will pay off. It’s a fun hobby to have, and who knows, your hobby could become your career? Enjoy taking better photos for your account, just don’t forget us when you’re Insta-famous!