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How to Run an Eco Friendly Business
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How to Run an Eco Friendly Business

Global warming is obviously a huge problem, but not just for large corporations. It’s also important for owners of small businesses to play their part in protecting the environment by adopting eco-friendly behaviour. We are all equally responsible to do what we can, and you’ll probably save some money in the process. Here’s some advice:

Turn your devices off

Leaving your computers and other devices on standby at the end of each day is easily done, but it’s an unnecessary use of electricity. As a result, you’re actually paying increased utility bills for something you’re not even using half the time. With this in mind, be sure to switch off your devices at the end of the day, and encourage your staff to do the same.

Cycle to work

If possible, why not think about cycling to work? It will be great for your fitness, but also for the environment. You could introduce a “Cycle to Work” scheme in your business to entice your colleagues to get involved. If cycling isn’t an option, perhaps consider carpooling.

Use eco-friendly merchandise

Spending a lot of money on corporate gifts and promotional giveaway items? If so, it’s worth opting for environmentally friendly products. For example, many items are made from recycled materials, which is a great way to show off your company values and show that you’re doing your bit.

Responsible printing and photocopying

There are printers on the market that allow you to print on recycled paper, which is much better for the environment. If you have a big print job pending, make sure to print a draft copy first to avoid a costly mistake. You could also consider “follow me printing” which releases the print job after the user has entered a passcode, which reduces abandoned print jobs.

It doesn’t take a lot; just a few small changes can make a big change.

Image credit: Unsplash