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Top Ways to Use Wasted Space in a Hallway

Top Ways to Use Wasted Space in a Hallway

Are the hallways in your home completely bare, devoid of anything? We understand the eagerness to achieve that contemporary minimalistic design. But space in your home that is devoid of any items at all is a little dull and dreary. Besides, if your hallway is bare, then you’re just not making the most out of the space that it provides that could free up some of the clutter in the rest of the house. So let’s look at some of the best possible ways to use your hall effectively.

Start With The Stairs

A rather ingenious way to use your hallway would be to store your books there. To do this, you just need to cut into the steps, creating what are essentially shelves that take up no extra room in your home. It will require a little renovation work, but it can look absolutely incredible. The big bonus, of course, is that you can get rid of that wardrobe that you’re currently using to store your books. It’s probably taking up a lot of space in the spare room, and it would be great if you could get rid of it. Although, if you want to hold onto it without it clogging up a room in your house, you can put it in self storage. The benefit of self-storage for items like this is that it’s cheap and completely under your control. You can even monitor what you’re keeping there.

The Cupboard Under The Stairs

Perhaps you have a closet in your hallway that right now is just being used for junk and rubbish. Well, once you’ve thrown away the junk, you’ll have a completely open space. It might even be large enough to convert it into a brand new washroom.

If you constantly find the entire family queuing to use your only bathroom at the same time, building in a second one could be a great idea. The best part is that it won’t take up any extra space than the amount that you are already using.

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Wide Halls

If you have a wide hallway, it might even be worth thinking about using it as an extra room? This might sound odd, and it may even feel like you’re going to make the hall look and feel cluttered. But, if the halls are wide enough, you can have a slim desk or work unit with a computer and chair or stool underneath. As long as you don’t have people running around the place, it can still be a great place to work. Particularly, if you can fit it in the alcove underneath the stairs.

Hide And Seek

Or finally if the space under the stairs is hollow, you can convert them to contain draws that pull out to store all your knick knacks and extra accessories. That way, you’ll be able to keep everything neat and know exactly where everything is. Not many homeowners can say that with a straight face but with this storage option, you’ll certainly be able to!