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5 Ways To Declutter Your Home In Time For Summer

5 Ways To Declutter Your Home In Time For Summer

Spring might be in full swing and summer’s knocking on the door, but if you’ve been putting off the big clean and started to see the space in your home disappearing before your very eyes, don’t worry, there’s still time.

Over 93% of British households invest in a major spring-cleaning exercise at least once a year and it’s never a bad time to start.

To help you on your journey, Fischer Future Heat has compiled a list of the top areas to help your decluttering be that little bit less stressful and help you maximise your space, ready for the summer!


When was the last time you saw the back of your kitchen cupboards? Who knows what’s lurking in the depths of the fridge. We’d wager it’s been quite a while.

Have a deep dive and sort out all those out-of-date cans, noodles and old rice packets to find out if they’ll still be of use.

Keeping a meal plan is a good way to not fall back into old habits but be wary of overfilling the freezer instead of the fridge in its place.

It’s not just food that’s a cluttering culprit, Remember those old appliances you used once and never again? The juicer, the electric veg cutter, that air fryer. If they haven’t been used in a good few months, it’s likely they won’t be again. Watch how much extra space will appear by cutting loose a couple of unwanted items.


The wardrobe is often neglected as part of a major decluttering exercise. It can be difficult to throw away that top which was a staple 10 years ago but hasn’t been worn for eight. But, the time has come.

Rummaging through your wardrobe and taking any old or unwanted clothes to the local charity shop will do wonders for your space and mind, and you never know, you might end up discovering an old gem you completely forgot about.

Purging your bedroom of excess items can also help with your quality of sleep. Any finished books, cups, and electronic devices should be left to the living room, leaving you with a minimal space for maximum sleep.


Many modern properties aren’t blessed with storage space, with some only having one cupboard or another taken up by a big bulky water tank.

Maximising any space in your home is a game-changer, because, let’s face it, whether we like it or not, we all accumulate a lot of stuff over time. Removing a water tank and modernising your hot water set-up with compact options like electric water heating is how to reclaim your space. the systems are small enough to make full use of any previously neglected airing cupboards and pack a punch

Remember to invest in storage containers and the luxury of vacuum-sealed bags for any seasonal bedding will have you complaining about having too much space! (and you won’t need to start from scratch again in six months time!)


It wouldn’t be a (late) spring clean without any actual cleaning.

Sorting out old items gives the perfect opportunity to clean those nooks and crannies that might be missed in day to day. The tops of cabinets, the back of the fridge, the top of the fridge, shelves, crumbs in the kitchen drawers, all small wins that can add up. 

Don’t forget one of the most important tips: Always clean from top down. 

Finally: Don’t Stress

It can feel daunting, but a deep thorough declutter isn’t supposed to be finished in ten minutes.

Lean into the process and have some fun with it. Find an old playlist, or make a new one, make up games with the family, create a checklist and don’t stress!

Finding even a tiny bit of enjoyment makes the whole exercise much easier mentally and physically. A recent survey found 60% of participants felt mentally boosted after a period of cleaning. 

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