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Get The Basics Right And Take The Stress Out Of Planning The Perfect Wedding
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Get The Basics Right And Take The Stress Out Of Planning The Perfect Wedding

When you start planning a wedding, it can be difficult to organise your time and to ensure that you get the most significant purchases out of the way first. After all, every little detail seems to hold the utmost importance and it’s easy to get sidetracked. Your main concern should be ensuring that you snap up any limited or high-demand services before someone else secures them for the same date as you need. But where should you start? Well, not to worry. 

Here are some of the aspects of the big day that you should purchase or book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment!

The Venue

Booking a wedding venue should be extremely high on your list of priorities and one of the first things that you get out of the way. Not only because you need time to decide where you want the event to be held, but because most of the best venues are in extremely high demand especially spectacular venues such as these Bijou Weddings locations. You also need to have the venue booked early so that you can secure a definite wedding date and get your invitations out to the guests. The sooner you send the invitations, the more likely your guests will be able to secure time off work and away from other responsibilities.

Last minute invites result in lower guest numbers, which can be disappointing when you want as many of your loved ones as possible to attend. It’s always best to have a few different ideas for venues so that if one is unavailable, you have others to fall back on. Also, make sure to actually visit and view the venues. We are all aware that professional photography and editing can make things appear much better than they may actually be and this goes for venues too. So, book a viewing to be entirely sure that it meets up to your standards before placing any deposit or another form of payment.

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The Music

You’d be surprised just how big an effect the music at any wedding can affect the ambience of the day. So, you’re going to have to decide what kind of wedding band and DJs you want to create the soundtrack for your big event. Much like venues, the best wedding bands for hire and best DJs for hire tend to have extremely busy schedules and are booked up well into the future. So, make sure you book them sooner rather than later. It’s always best to have an in-depth conversation with individuals or groups offering these services to establish that they can provide what you want.

After all, there’s no point booking a choir if you want more modern and upbeat music as you walk down the aisle. In the same way, you don’t want an alternative band turning up if you are looking for something more traditional. Speak about different songs that you might want covered or played. They may not know them off the top of their head, but you will be able to establish whether they’re willing to learn them for the occasion.

The Food

There are so many different types of wedding catering out there. No matter what food you want to be served to your guests, there will most likely be a company out there capable of providing it. But again, you need to get in there first before another happy couple books them for their big day. Remember to browse their portfolios and meet up to taste test or sample any food before booking any catering company.

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to cuisine and even the most delicious looking plate of food can taste questionable or not quite hit the mark. Most catering companies will be able to provide drinks too, but establish whether this is an option beforehand. If they don’t, you may have to make alternative arrangements when it comes to providing your guests with beverages.

As you can see, services tend to hold more urgency than items when it comes to wedding planning. So focus on these first. This will lift a weight from your shoulders and allow you to take charge of other aspects of the big day with a worry-free attitude.