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Complete Your Look with Show Stopping Statement Accessories

Complete Your Look with Show Stopping Statement Accessories

It’s no secret we’re all living much more hectic lives than ever before, between commuting holding paper coffee cups, squeezing in time with our friends, family and checking our phones constantly it can seem like the simple life is well and truly over. Just when you think you will never be able to take back control of anything again, fashion saves the day. Enter the capsule wardrobe.

When we feel overwhelmed by our daily lives, decluttering our personal space brings back some much-needed control. Cut through the visual noise of your wardrobe stuffed with fads, ill-fitting clothes and plain fashion disasters and focus on clean, strategic items you can wear time and again. This stripped down version of your cupboard will make getting ready in the morning a far less daunting task, giving us more time for the important things – like coffee!

I know what you’re thinking – you’ll look the same every day until the next fashion season rolls around, but remember, I only hinted that a decluttered wardrobe makes for peaceful living. Parting with our beloved accessories is just one step too far! By investing in statement showstoppers we can adapt our looks daily and have our accessories be the star of the show, with our simplistic wardrobe the chic canvas which they are presented against.

So, what statement pieces should we be investing? Not only to transform our outfits but to, of course, to ensure we are flooded with compliments.

A statement watch

Watches are synonymous with style and a real investment piece in your accessories collection. The selection of brands and styles available suits all wrists and you can choose from affordable luxury watches to bold designer options.

Watches also pair beautifully with a range of outfits including both casual and formal attire, so opt for the ultimate must-have to grace your wrist in all seasons.

If you’re looking for a statement accessory that suits your personality and style, watch specialists Ryan & Gilbert are the ideal place to shop for stunning pieces. The brand was founded with an appreciation of the beauty and craftsmanship of quality timepieces and continues to maintain those strong values in its collections today. You’ll find a mix of contemporary styles and traditional watches suitable for both men and women. Take a look at one of the beautiful designs below to inspire your next statement buy.

No more naked necks

Gone are the days of wearing a single stone, draped limply on your collarbone, today’s style is about stacking, layering and showcasing some colour. No matter the occasion the right necklace will transport your outfit from plain Jane to plain amazing.

Office attire does not have to be bland, why not button our blouse right up and layer a heavily jewelled piece over the top? Pair with a blazer and you’ve got the perfect frame to highlight your piece.

To highlight a delicate décolletage, why not layer lightweight chains of the same metal? Geometry is having a comeback since our school days and is enjoying a revival just now. Instead of just one piece, pair triangles and charms of different sizes to bring some texture and interest.

Summer is most definitely on its way, so it’s time to invest in beautiful coloured statement pieces. Chunky necklaces made of robe layered over a flowing maxi dress will evoke the feeling of being on safari, so what if you’re on the central line?

Wearing a statement necklace doesn’t come without risk, ensure the neckline is correct with the style of necklace you choose; strapless, scoop and V-necks are all safe bets.

Put a ring on it

Drawing attention to your hands will, in turn, draw attention to your nails, so avoid embarrassment by always ensuring a basic level of grooming. A simple slick of clear nail polish will smooth the surface and bring out their shine.

For high-class events, keep your outfit chic by pairing your LBD with a simple thick gold band, adorned on either side with midi bands to create interest. Simple is sometimes the best statement of all.

If you prefer to rough it up, get stacking. Pair one statement piece with smaller, more fragile rings on top, this look is eye-catching but due to the balance of large and small pieces, it’s not visually overpowering. Instantly bring interest and colour to your classic jeans and t-shirt combo with statement pieces that tie your outfit together.

That earring thing

When you’re the owner of a stunning pair of earrings, why not start with them at the focus piece and work backwards? Granted you may be stood in front of the mirror in nothing but your earrings, which can be unnerving but once you’ve crafted the perfect outfit for the day, with your jewellery as the focal point you won’t regret it.

Bigger is better, large earrings look flattering by drawing attention to the line of your body between your jawline shoulders. Adding length to this area creates an air of elegance, perfect for bringing a sense of chic to a would-be casual combination.

When going large, this doesn’t always mean you have to tame the rest of your outfit down. Match fun shaped with structured pieces you love, like a classic shirt with an oversized collar.

Tips to take home

Like all fashion pieces, there are a few rules you should follow, statement pieces should be fun but if thrown together it could make you look more clown-like than a queen. Wear one statement piece at a time, rings, necklace or earrings, pairing them all together will look cluttered and send the wrong statement.

If your accessories are large, wear simple pieces of clothing, the shapes can be interesting but remember to pare down the colours and patterns to ensure your jewellery stands out. Show-stopping accessories have the power to transform any outfit, now all you have to do is to go forth and fill that jewellery box.


Image credits: Ryan & Gilbert and Unsplash