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3 Essential Things to Consider When Hosting a Wedding Party at Home

3 Essential Things to Consider When Hosting a Wedding Party at Home

Although many couples choose to have their wedding parties held in a traditional venue, others like the idea of a more intimate setting. A home environment feels warm and welcoming, making guests feel more relaxed and comfortable in familiar surroundings.

The choice to host a wedding party at home is personal, one that the couple decides. Thus, you may choose your home for this momentous occasion because it is your special place. You have built many beautiful memories you want to share with the people closest to your heart. However, your home is more than just a wedding party venue. Since your marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you want the celebration to be held where you have always felt a sense of belonging.

Another advantage of holding your wedding party at home is that you can customise it. You get to decide how you want it decorated, choose your unique menu, and set it up according to your taste. You can be as creative as you wish, personalising your wedding party to make it a memorable event for your guests who are more used to attending parties at more traditional venues such as hotels and restaurants. Although it does have a few challenges, you can always get expert party planning tips and other event services to help you host the perfect wedding party in the comfort of your home.

Here are some essential things to consider when you host your wedding party at home.

1. Your expected guests

When you host your wedding party at home, you may consider how many guests you plan to invite. It is a given that the people attending the wedding ceremony will also be present during the party. Although your home may feel spacious, it is best to be realistic about the capacity of the space, whether you intend to have it indoors or outdoors. You would want your guests to feel comfortable in this intimate setting. Also, consider the tables and chairs for each guest, the parking spaces, dance floor, stage (for entertainers), etc. All of these should be carefully thought of as you prepare your guest list and invitations to ensure that your home can accommodate everyone you invite.

2. Consider your neighbours

If your neighbours are your friends, it may help to invite them to your wedding party. It would help minimise the inconvenience they are likely to experience having a party next door, whether it comes from the music playing throughout the party or your guests parking their cars across their houses. If not, be considerate and advise them of your upcoming event, so they know there will be a celebration. Some neighbours may also be nice enough to offer a few parking spots for your visitors, knowing that it is a wedding, and share in your happiness. Sending them thank you notes would also be a nice gesture after the party.

3. Choose your entertainment

A wedding party isn’t complete without entertainment. You can have soft music playing in the background while guests are dining so they can converse and interact. From there, you may consider hiring a DJ, one of the more popular options for entertainment during weddings. A DJ does not require too much space, just enough to accommodate their equipment. On the other hand, if your space permits, you can hire a live band to provide dancing music towards the end of the party. Your guests indeed enjoy dancing the night away. However, do consider your neighbours when playing loud music. While they may have been given notice, it can still be a problem when they cannot sleep because of the party next door. You can also consider other entertainment ideas like photo booths, solo performers, or caricaturists.

Hosting your wedding party at home is an experience you and your guests will never forget. You will also build new memories in the place you love the most.


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