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3 Ways To Make Your Student Flat More Homely

3 Ways To Make Your Student Flat More Homely

Now that the rush of your first year at university is over, you will most likely be set on moving out of student halls and into a flat with friends. While a student flat is not as uniform as halls, the decor will still be kept plain and simple. The problem with this is that it makes a property look impersonal, which may not make you feel as comfortable initially. Alongside this, you’ll have designated health and safety signage, which may not look the most beautiful, but is essential for your safety. You can search online to find more info about UK ISO approved fire signage and health and safety requirements for student accommodation.

However, to make your flat more homely, you should consider adding some personal touches which will provide the perfect space for you to work and relax.

Take a look at these tips which will help you transform your student flat into a home away from home.

Use warm colours

Most student flats you will come across will be painted with neutral palettes, which don’t add much character to the property. More than likely, your landlord will not allow you to paint the walls, and so you need to think of more creative ways to add colour to your flat. This could include hanging a painting, although you should make sure you use adhesive hooks or an alternative that will not leave any marks on the wall.

To brighten up your flat, you should consider purchasing bright-coloured rugs and cushions, which are prevalent in luxury student apartments like those available at RW Invest. These properties have neutral decor, complemented with coloured furnishings that completely enhance the living space. The use of colour also makes your space more inviting and cosy, so it is perfect for unwinding as well as entertaining your peers.

Decorate with personal items

Home comforts are one of the things that students find they miss the most, whether it be a photograph of their family or a treasured heirloom. To make you feel more at home in your flat, you should place your personal items on your shelves or desk, which will make your digs feel a lot more comfortable.

You could also consider creating a scrapbook board where you can place pictures of family, as well as friends who may have gone to different universities. You may even receive some postcards from your grandparents, which should definitely be added to your wall of memories. This is the perfect way to enhance your space and lift your mood when you’re feeling lonely or homesick.

Add some greenery

If you have a garden at your family home, you may feel like you’re deprived of greenery in your flat. Although you may have a park or a field nearby, you’re not really getting the benefits of sitting in your private garden. An alternative could be to buy indoor plants like cacti and aloe, which will work perfectly in a student flat, where the conditions aren’t good enough for your typical florals.

Having plants around your flat will be beneficial when you’re revising at home, as you may not have the time to go outdoors, so the plants are there to freshen up your space. Plants are also great for your health, as they produce oxygen, which allows the air quality in your home to improve massively.


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