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Enamel Pin-spiration
enamel pins

Enamel Pin-spiration

Once a realm controlled by cufflinks and terrorised by tartan ties, men’s fashion continues to expand, evolve, and even explode. Subtle necklace chains have been joined by luxury bracelets and more and more elaborately styled wallets. Even the traditional three-piece suit is becoming more and more expressive now thanks to the growth industry of the enamel pin.

If you are looking to pick up something for the more fashion-conscious fellow in your life, the following forms of lapel pin might give you some inspiring gift ideas.

Flag Pins 

Previously all-pervasive in the realms of pompous and politicians, these patriotic displays cast in metal and cast in enamel are now increasingly on-trend. Ideal for those who maybe aren’t ready to nail brighter and bold colours to their sartorial selections, but do have a bolder streak inside when it comes to their country.

Don’t think you are only limited to the 194 official members of the United Nations either. A little digging online reveals a plethora of sellers making subnational flag pins of all kinds. From counties to states to provinces. If they have an official vexillological expression, there’s a good chance someone has made a pin for it.

Cause Pins

This used to be something more commonly linked to just ribbon pins. The famous red for AIDS, the pink for breast cancer, the puzzle pattern for autism, and so on. Yet now many charities and causes have moved into the realms of enamel pins, for a sturdier and more unique design choice to properly symbolise what it is they stand for. One of the most identifiable ones has been the men-united design employed by Prostate Cancer UK, popular among football managers.

Just make sure when purchasing these that you do so from the charity direct. Second-hand charity pins somewhat undermine the broader point at play.

Sports Pins

Squads. Teams. Clubs. However your man’s favourite sports group likes to organise itself, there is a very good chance that they’ve got some kind of flag, crest, or coat of arms that has at one time or another been cast into enamel to sit atop a lapel. The wonderful thing about so many of these is that they come from communities with a great and storied past, so there is almost always something beautiful, unique, and stylish to be found in these symbols. An ideal and fashionable accent to any sartorial ensemble.

Event Pins

Concert tours. World cups. Festivals. All these and more have had pins made about them. Be they specific events to a particular year, or just the logo that moves around to every instance of this regular celebratory happening. If you are looking for something very specific, chances are good the costs will go up, but for a man to wear his history on his lapel with pride, it is well worth it!

enamel pins

Fandom Pins

House Baratheon of Dragonstone. The Romulan Star Empire. The First Order. The Kingdom of Gondor. The Trans-Dimensional Citadel of Ricks. All of these names may mean next to nothing to many of you reading, but among a certain section of the population, these trigger all kinds of stories, memories, imaginings, and above all – symbols. The world building that goes into many science fiction and fantasy properties contain design and fashion work that is second to none. All of it exuding style, even when shrunk down to barely an inch across atop a lapel.

Family Pins

Coats of arms, crests, shields, flags. All these were at one time the property of units as small as a dozen people. Sometimes even less. A man with an affinity for ancestry or a fascination with family history might appreciate a pin with a design hailing from his heritage.

Brewer Pins

Your man might have an affinity for a particular ale, or find one special whiskey the most wonderful of all. The men and women behind the alcohol industry often have a keen sense of style and know how to show it off in their logos and graphic design. Something many of them have turned into enamel expressions of excellent taste.

Style Pins

Not every pin has to carry great symbolism or deep meaning. Sometimes a simple design, carefully crafted, can be enough by itself. Look into your man’s wardrobe. Gauge his colour choices, any shape or pattern preferences, and have a look around.