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Working From Home? Check Out These Home Office Styling Tips

Working From Home? Check Out These Home Office Styling Tips

With the lockdown and pandemic across the globe, more and more people are working from home. Whether you have had a home office for many years or whether you needed to create one, you will be more productive in a space you actually enjoy spending time.

Here are some great home office styling tips to maximise your workspace.

Keep it clutter-free

Even in a clutter-free office, there is plenty of space to be stylish and personal. Start with the absolute basics, a table and chair, your computer and storage unit. Go from there and add only things that increase the comfort of the room or serve a useful purpose.

Bring the outside in

Plants are really good for the atmosphere inside our home and office. There are plenty of easy maintenance leafy green plants that will help clean the air and make your room look inviting. Choose a pretty pot and place your plant where it will have optimum light.

Create inspiration

Whatever that means to you. Add some pictures that represent your happy place and inspiration. Photos, pictures, drawings and works of art. It doesn’t matter what they are as long as they speak to you.

Choose calming colours

Try and pick colours that are soothing rather than aggressive. Dark and heavy colours can make a space feel busy. There are plenty of pastel shades of every colour that you can find something that appeals to you.

Pick things you like

Why not have things you like on your desk. A4 pads of paper are particularly boring so why not have a look for some individual stationery from notebooks to pens, mugs and more the selection of awesome products on offer means you can update your whole office. There are plenty of different stationery sets available so you can find something that suits your character.

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Try some hygge

Your workspace also needs to have an element of being cosy. But don’t make it so comfortable that you just fancy falling asleep. Add a few throw blankets that you can easily reach for if it’s a little chilly and has some natural textiles and woods to help ground you in nature.

Think ergonomics

If like a lot of people working from home, you’re going to spend a long time sitting down it is worth ensuring you have a chair that will look after you are back. Offices tend to have ergonomically designed chairs and while they are not necessarily pretty to look at, they serve a valuable purpose. It is possible to get very nice-looking chairs that are ergonomically designed and failing that you can use things like cushions and a rolled-up towel in the small of your back to ensure you are sitting well.

The key to a good workspace is to make sure it is practical and yet something that is a reflection of your personality and character. Many people prefer a home office to their place of work as it gives them the freedom to be that little bit more individual.


Images: Unsplash