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Why Organising a Mass Participation Charity Event is Great for Community

Why Organising a Mass Participation Charity Event is Great for Community

If you’ve ever been part of a small community, you’ll know the perks of putting together a charity event go deeper than just raising money. The big cities are woefully missing out on these perks. Rural towns and villages are definitely better at putting on an event that gets everyone out, but they don’t quite have the numbers. If you’re going to go big in the city, you need to go massive. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons why charity events with big crowds are great for more than just the charity involved.

Take a look at our suggestions for why you should put on your own mass participation charity event.

It brings people together

Charity events are a great way to get people to coordinate. What might immediately come to mind is the donors enjoying whatever event you’ve put on, but there is also the comradery of the volunteers and team putting on the event. You’ll have to work closely with people who are part of the community, finding venues, setting up entertainment, acquiring food and a million other avenues of meeting and greeting new people. You can find help to pull these people together at for example, which offers staffing and planning solutions for every charitable event.

As for the donors, the best part of the event is seeing the crowds come to your event. People who pass each other on the street now have a reason to chat. You might have just facilitated a new BFF for life or witnessed a few butterflies in the air.

It works towards a common goal

The best thing to bring people together, however, is a goal. You might have the recipient of your charity efforts in mind, but unless it’s egregious, people are going to get on board. We do in fact have a need to make the world a better place and will help out in whatever way we can to do that.

This is especially helpful if the charity directly helps the community, like funding a new park in the area or helping someone ill that everyone knows. It’s easy to see the effort people put into a marathon, for example, when it’s one of their own needing the help.

There’s also something tangible about big charity events. Usually, people suffering from the problem are visiting, which means even if the donors know nothing of the charity, they can talk to these people and really see where their money and effort is going.

It creates great memories

There is something about a mass participation event, be it for charity or not, that leaves the visitors with great memories. Maybe it’s simply the memory of managing to pull it off, or seeing something that others haven’t, but you can bet it will stay with them.

If you manage to pull off an event that gets crowds, you’ll have people mingling, entertaining, participating, and, of course, donating. But the real perk is that they’re likely to be seen again the next time you put on one of these events. People will remember how fun the last one was and the feeling of being a part of something so big and important and coming back for more.


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