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5 Health and Beauty Benefits of Silk Pillowcases You Didn’t Know About

5 Health and Beauty Benefits of Silk Pillowcases You Didn’t Know About

Over the years, the plentiful and impressive collection of health and beauty benefits that have been attributed to silk have earned it a reputation as a miraculous and luxurious natural material. In fact, silk has been viewed in this immensely positive light for centuries and, even after all that time, we’re still discovering new and impressive facets of silk. 

Over and over again, we are surprised by just how good this natural fibre is for our health, with commonly known beauty benefits ranging from encouraging silky smooth hair to promoting a better, more restful sleep. Putting these to the side, however, there are still a huge number of less recognised and sometimes surprising benefits of silk that deserve a little extra attention. In order to consider them properly, we take a closer look at five of the most surprising benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase every night, with help from silk specialist Gingerlily

Easier, more comfortable breathing

When it comes to achieving a full, restful night’s sleep, anything you can do to encourage comfortable breathing is a worthwhile investment. While this holds true for everyone, it is especially important for those that are more vulnerable to allergies. 

Due to the naturally hypoallergenic properties of silk, those that traditionally suffer from allergies and react particularly badly to breathing in harmful particles can finally sleep soundly. Significantly less likely to play host to environmental allergens such as dust mites and damp due to its structural makeup, silk is an excellent option for those seeking a way to limit their exposure to allergens during the night. This benefit is applicable to entire silk bedding sets but even more so for silk pillowcases which are pressed against the face, nose and mouth area during the night. This allows allergy sufferers to limit their exposure to aggravating allergens, allowing them to breathe a little easier.

Reduction of skin irritation

Those who have delicate or sensitive skin could also benefit from swapping to silk alternatives. Not only is the manufacturing process of silk completely natural and free of any toxins, but the material itself is also incredibly soft. Part of this is down to the super soft qualities of the silk strands themselves while the rest can be attributed to the way silk strands are woven together to create the material. Woven incredibly tightly, the ‘silky smooth’ feel of silk is the result of the lack of friction created between the fabric and skin. This means that, with a silk pillowcase, the soft and delicate skin of the face is protected from fine lines, wrinkles and, in the case of sensitive skin, even rashes.

Save time on your morning beauty routine

In the blurry, tired hours of the morning, many of us would give anything for just a few extra minutes of sleep and, with the naturally beautifying properties of silk, this is more than just a dream. 

Thanks to the natural smoothness of silk, which causes significantly fewer tangles, frizz and breakages in your hair during the night, brushing and styling silky smooth hair is the work of just a moment. Combine this with the chance to wake up with fresh-looking, plumper skin thanks to frictionless and moisture retentive properties of silk on skin and you have much less to concern yourself with on a morning. Spend your morning time, not on frantic hair styling and makeup application, but instead on having a luxurious lie-in, soaking up even more benefits of sleeping on silk, or propped up with an invigorating morning cup of coffee.

Save money on beauty products

For those that frequently spend money on night masks, moisturisers and other skin-softening creams, silk pillowcases are an investment purchase that could help to save money in the long run. 

Due to its natural moisture retentive properties, silk pillowcases do not absorb moisture, oils or skincare products from your skin in the way that the highly absorbent cotton and polyester alternatives do. This allows you to keep those expensive skin products off the pillowcase and on your skin where they can work their moisturising magic uninterrupted. 

In a similar way, silk pillowcases also offer a way to save money on hair products. Not only do silk pillowcases not absorb your hair’s naturally produced oils or any hair care products you invest in, but they also help to prevent hair issues before they occur. Many people spend their money trying to heal snapped hair and to ease frizziness but, due to the lack of friction caused by silk pillowcases, these issues are minimised considerably. 

Maintain the perfect temperature in sleep

While many will know that silk has temperature regulating and insulating properties that adapt to your body heat naturally, allowing you to remain cool in the summer and cosy in the winter, the full scope of this has been overlooked.

Whether or not it is true that humans lose almost 50% of their body heat through their head, most agree that the areas of the face, neck, head and chest are at the very least more sensitive to changes in temperature. Because of this, when it’s cold outside we prefer to bundle up in a woolly scarf and keep our head covered with a hat – so why isn’t the reverse true? 

Being too hot can be just as uncomfortable as being too cold, especially when you’re trying to get a solid night’s sleep and sleeping with a silk pillowcase can help. Silk can help alleviate some of the heat from these more sensitive points by providing a cooling, dry environment that cools you down and wicks away sweat. These benefits are only improved upon and made more effective when the silk pillowcase is completed with a full silk bedding set. 

Experience the miraculous health and beauty benefits of silk for yourself

If you’re looking to invest in a silk pillowcase and experience the wonders of silk first hand, there’s no better place to start than a mulberry silk pillowcase from Gingerlily. Crafted from 100% A-grade mulberry silk, Gingerlily’s pillowcase range is as luxurious as it is stylish. Choose from a wide range of colourways and styles to suit your interior design scheme or take a look at their collection of Silk Beauty Boxes – a must-have beauty accessory for beautiful skin and hair.


Images – Gingerlily/Unsplash