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Top tips on how to sell your home this spring

Top tips on how to sell your home this spring

With home selling season upon us, many are beginning to think about ways in which they can style their home to impress potential buyers. Take a look at these super simple and affordable steps from Alexander James Interior Design to help sell your home this spring.

Be your own critic 

Firstly, you should cast a critical eye over your home yourself, viewing it in the eyes of a potential buyer. Try and think about the tastes and requirements of the type of person that might buy your home, whether it be a family of six or a couple without children. If it is a family home, you may gear your changes towards a family friendly layout. 


A fresh coat of a neutral paint colour where needed is often beneficial, some colours are too style specific and can put off potential buyers, restricting their vision for the property. 


It is a good idea to replace any carpets where necessary. If the budget for this is not available, professionally cleaning carpets where needed can make a huge difference to a room.  


Remove unnecessary clutter to open up the space and leave room for the imagination. Two to three pieces of furniture can be removed from each room in the house to show its features and create a spacious feel. Clearing the kitchen of toasters and kettles to give a clean finish to a property is effective. It is important to remove clutter as it can give the impression your home does not have sufficient storage space. 


Eliminate the personal effects, personalise it so that it is no longer your own home, but a place where potential buyers are able to envision themselves living. It is important to remove photographs and replace with more generic artwork. 


Gently accessorise to make it feel like a home, a soothing colour palette can be effective to allow one room to flow to the next, creating a cohesive feel. Adding fresh flowers injects colour and warmth to a room, while green plants can add a contemporary touch, creating a feature within a living space. High end magazines can be displayed on a coffee table for a homely effect. 

how to sell your home

Soft furnishings 

Soft furnishings are important, the use of luxury brands can really make a difference, it is likely to be noticed by the potential buyer, and will add a quality effect. We recommend that any garish colours or worn cushions/throws, be replaced, showing that it is a home that you are proud of. 

Light it up 

Homes should have bright lighting to awaken the buyer’s senses, enhancing your homes features as much as possible. It may be worth investing in some brighter light bulbs, but not too bright that rooms appear clinical.  

Add fresh scents

Use beautiful scented candles and diffusers throughout the home, but most importantly in the living area, master bedroom and master bathroom. Studies have found that complex scents can distract a buyers thought process, we recommend simple, fresh scents such as Orange, Lemon, Pine, Basil, Cedar, Vanilla or Cinnamon. Read about our other recommended spring scents here.  

Stage your home

Finally, always stage your home like a show home for every viewing, allowing potential buyers to feel it is a home that they would be proud to own.