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Wedding Cake Alternatives to Put a Spin on Your Special Day 

Wedding Cake Alternatives to Put a Spin on Your Special Day 

Tradition isn’t for everyone. Whether you’ve opted for a wedding venue in Cumbria, a ceremony on the beach, or perhaps you’re jetting off for the special day, the celebration is unique to each person. With that in mind, the wedding clichés, like the bouquet toss and cutting the cake, might not be your style. 

However, when it comes to the cake, you might struggle to find something that is a little bit out of the ordinary while satisfying your guests at the same time. 

But what can you have instead of a traditional cake that everyone will enjoy? Here, we delve into five wedding cake alternatives. 

Cheese wheels for savoury enthusiasts 

Who’s to say that the cake has to be sweet? For some, a savoury treat might be more up your street. In this case, a cheese cake is the perfect wedding cake alternative – and we’re not talking about the kind that refers to a biscuit base topped with sweet cream cheese. 

For your tiers, use different types of cheese wheels. Think brie, gouda, and swiss: combine all of your favourites and stack them up to create the ultimate cheese cake. Don’t forget to add some extra touches – decorate tiers with bunches of grapes, olives, and of course, some walnuts.  

You can never go wrong with cheese, and with many types, you’ll keep everybody happy. But if you’re concerned about your sweet-toothed guests, you can always add bowls of retro sweets for a pick-and-mix treat alongside the cake to give everyone the best of both worlds. 

Macaroon tower to guarantee elegance 

Not keeping with tradition doesn’t mean that your wedding has to be anything short of elegant. A macaroon tower still includes the sugary goodness and sophistication of a wedding cake if you want to satisfy your sugar cravings. 

Consider your wedding theme and colours to make the most of your macaroon tower. Perhaps each tier will be a different pastel hue to maintain a minimalistic look – or, if your style is more bold, vivid and bright colours like fuchsia and violet are certain to capture your character. 

If you’re willing to splurge, consider macaroon towers for the centrepieces – the guests have a delicious snack and can keep going for more when they wish, and it’s yet another way to make your day truly yours. 

Crêpe stack: a little bit of everything 

A crêpe stack is just what you need if the cake isn’t your go-to dessert. This French delicacy is bound to be something your guests have never seen before at a wedding, so you can be confident that your day will go down in history. 

Your crêpe stack can still follow the style of a wedding cake by using small, medium, and large sizes to create tiers. Instead of cutting the cake, you can pour the golden syrup over the stack together as a couple, given that it’s a classic topping.  

Plate up some crêpes for the guests to help themselves paired with a range of toppings for a buffet-style feast to go along with your stack. The bonus with crêpes is that they can be served with both sweet and savoury fillings, from strawberries and chocolate to ham and cheese – so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Croquembouche to make a statement 

For a completely different take on the traditional wedding cake while still being unapologetically fabulous, choose croquembouche. This fabulous dessert of choux puff pastry filled with cream and coated in caramel is too delightful to ignore, and it looks simply stunning as the coating glistens in the light. 

You can always add your own twist on croquembouche too. While the dessert is usually coated in caramel, a chocolate coating will mix it up slightly if this is your guilty pleasure. And it goes perfectly with the pastry and cream filling for a light yet rich taste. 

Biscuit stand for a classic treat 

Brits love to indulge in a biscuit. In fact, the average Brit will eat 11 biscuits every week, so a biscuit tower instead of the traditional wedding cake will undoubtedly go down a treat with your guests. 

Incorporate some of the classics, like shortbread, chocolate fingers, and chocolate digestives, which actually take the crown for the most popular biscuit in the UK. Alternatively, you could add some personalised touches by opting for biscuits topped with illustrations of the bride and groom. 

Another option to incorporate biscuits into your wedding day is to decorate the exterior of your wedding cake with chocolate fingers. This spin on the tradition is a unique approach to the cake, and given the nation’s love for biscuits, it will be a delightful surprise for your guests. 

Playing it safe and sticking to tradition isn’t always on the checklist for some couples. However, with something as important as the cake, it can seem a risk to defy the norm. Thankfully, with these wedding cake alternatives, there’s an option for all of your guests to enjoy that will adhere to your style more.

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