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Festive Ways to Tell Everyone About Your Engagement this December

Festive Ways to Tell Everyone About Your Engagement this December

First of all, if you get engaged this Christmas, congratulations! If you’ve got an inkling that they might be popping the question this winter and are looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

According to leading online retailer Angelic Diamonds, Christmas time is one of the most popular times to get engaged. A survey revealed that around a third of engagements occur during the festivities, with Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day being the most popular choices.

So, how’s best to announce your engagement to friends and family at this time of the year?

Engagement baubles

Get creative and announce your engagement with a personalised Christmas bauble. There are plenty of personalised bauble services, where you can design yours and your fiancé’s name and the date of engagement onto the decoration. There are a few ideas you can take with this. You could create a few of these baubles and send them wrapped as gifts to those closest to you who you’d want to tell first. Did you know that around a third of newly-engaged couples announce their proposal on social media before telling their family? If you can hold off announcing to the world, why not share this information with those who matter first? After all, it’s Christmas!

If you’re feeling playful, you could create a bauble for your tree at home and leave it hanging in full frontal view and wait for guests to notice! That’ll be a fun and exciting way to catch your friends and family off guard.

This idea leaves you with a memento of the special occasion that you can hang on your tree every year.

Romantic candy canes

Okay, clearly, we love personalised Christmas ideas. But when it comes to engagement announcements, you need both of your names on everything! Personalised candy canes are a unique way to share your news — custom print the tag label and hand them out to friends and family. Or again, have a dish of them in your house and wait for those guests with a sweet tooth to notice. Again, keep some for memories that you can hang up every year.

Festive social media post

Maybe you don’t want lots of attention and want to announce your Christmas engagement in an easy way that doesn’t involve lots of screams, hugs, and manic family members crying with happiness. Or maybe you simply cannot wait and want to rake those Facebook and Instagram likes in. Either way, light up your social media post with some Christmas spirit.

Snap a picture of you and your fiancé sharing a kiss under a piece of mistletoe, with your hand on their shoulder or hand outward towards your camera so everyone can see your diamond engagement ring. Make the background feel Christmassy too — stand at your Christmas tree or your front door with a wreath hanging in the background. Or if you’re lucky enough that it snows, get out in nature to capture the perfect picture.

Christmas card announcement

Another creative way to announce your engagement is through Christmas cards. You could take the mistletoe social media idea or create your own and print the picture onto Christmas cards. Inside, sign off the card as “love from future Mr and Mrs _____”.

Make sure that the people you send these cards to are people you’d want at your wedding, or that will be awkward!

Christmas games

This is probably one of the most unique ways to announce your engagement that we’ve thought up — and it’s certainly a private moment to share with those you’re spending your Christmas with. Make sure to invite both of your families over for Christmas and play a game of charades. Act out the concept of being engaged and wait for your family and friends to put the pieces together. This is bound to get everyone excited and emotional as they realise what you’re acting! If charades doesn’t take your fancy, how about a game of Pictionary?

So, there we have some festive ways to reveal your engagement. Christmas is a special time for family and is the perfect time to announce two families becoming one! Do it in a way so everyone will remember the special news.


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