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Ways To Style Mom Jeans This Autumn
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Ways To Style Mom Jeans This Autumn

I’d like to make a little confession – I’m a bit obsessed with denim. Mainly jeans. So much so that I have over thirty pairs on my last count – ok, so I know that’s excessive, but a lot of them are vintage and preloved, and have lasted me years! Plus, for the most part, I wear them all, as denim just never goes out of fashion.

That’s the beauty of denim, you can style it with pretty much anything.

Throughout the autumn and winter months, I wear jeans most days and I’m always thinking about ways to mix and match with my other wardrobe staples. There are so many ways to style them, and I’ve put together a few of my favourite looks to inspire your autumn/winter outfits.

Styling Mom jeans

This style of denim has become one of my ultimate favourites in recent years. I love 90s-inspired looks, and these fit perfectly into this style. Mom jeans are generally high-waisted but with a relaxed fit, and are slightly tapered such as these styles from I usually roll them up a little at the bottom too. These jeans can be worn in both a comfy casual vibe or smart/casual look.

Check out how I styled my favourite mom jeans to capture both elements.

They look great with knitwear and oversized sweatshirts too.

Choosing Mom jeans

If you’re anything like me, I have my favourite places to shop for denim. It seems to have taken me years of trying on different styles and brands to get the right fit. But there’s nothing more important than being comfortable in your clothing.

One of my top choices for jeans is Topshop. I’ve shopped here for denim since my teenage years and have always found the fit perfect for my hips and waist. They have a fab selection of styles, including my favourite mom jeans, and I have pairs that have lasted years.

Choosing the right mom jeans can be challenging, especially when lots of brands have different sizing. We’ve all been there; you’re a size 10 in one place and a 16 in another. However, my rule when shopping is not to get hung up on the label – it’s just a number! What’s important is how you feel in them. I always find mom jeans are perfect on my thighs but can be a little snug on the waist, so sizing up often works for me. Of course, you also run the risk of having that weird bulge if they’re too big. So, try on a few different sizes to see which works best for you.

Girlfriend jeans

Another of my favourites is the Girlfriend style jean. These are usually non-stretch high-waisted denim in a straight leg fit, cut to graze the ankle. I feel they’re a lot like mom style jeans. If I can’t quite get the fit I want in mom jeans for a particular brand, I always check out the Girlfriend style too, as they offer a similar fit but are slightly more fitted on the leg.

Adding mom jeans to your capsule collection

Mom jeans make a great addition to a capsule collection. They are available in a range of colours (check out my pink ones above!) and are ideal for lounging around the house or popping to town for coffee. Check out some of the top styles this season here and pick your favourites.