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The True Cost of Holiday Prep Revealed

The True Cost of Holiday Prep Revealed

When we think about holidays, the first things that spring to mind are accommodation and flights. However, beneath this surface of costs lie layers of hidden expenses and planning that we often overlook.

These can range from a new holiday wardrobe to beauty treatments, and even pet care. Here, we expose these costs, revealing the true cost of holiday preparation and offering tips on how you can save money during the process.

The wardrobe upgrade

Whether it’s a tropical vacation, a winter ski holiday or a city break, each holiday comes with its own dress code. Many of us feel the urge to update our wardrobes to fit our holiday destination. This means new swimwear for the beach, chic outfits for city exploration, or thermal gear for winter sports. These costs can quickly add up, particularly if you’re travelling with family.

Tip: To save money, consider renting specific and bulkier items, such as ski gear. For clothing, check out second-hand stores or online resale platforms, like Vinted, for slightly used items at a fraction of the cost.

Beauty treatments

Haircuts, manicures, pedicures, tanning sessions, spa treatments – the list can be endless when we consider the beauty prep that goes into looking our best for the holiday. Making sure you are prepared for the poolside can involve a lot of pre-holiday preparation but it is well worth it to feel your most confident while in the sun.

Tip: Consider DIY beauty treatments at home. With the plethora of online tutorials available and easy-to-use products like face tanner drops and tanning water, you can achieve a salon-like spray tan without the hefty price tag.

Health checks and vaccinations

Depending on your destination, you may need specific vaccinations or medication, which if they are not available on the NHS, can add to the holiday cost. And a health check before a trip, particularly if you’re going on an adventurous holiday, is a wise move, adding yet another layer to the cost.

Tip: Check if your health insurance covers such costs or if some pharmacies offer travel vaccines at a lower cost than private clinics.

Pet care

If you’re a pet owner, arrangements for your furry friend can be a significant part of your holiday prep costs. Kennel costs and pet-sitter fees can sometimes equal the cost of your own accommodation.

Tip: Consider leaving your pup with a trusted friend or neighbour. You can even return the favour by caring for their pet when they are away on holiday.

Food and fridge clear out

While not a direct cost before your holiday, throwing out food from your fridge which will spoil when you are away can be a waste of money.

Tip: Plan your meals leading up to your holiday to minimise waste. Use up perishable items and freeze leftovers where possible. You can even offer your food items to local food banks, family members and friends or freeze produce where possible for your return.

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