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How To Pick An Engagement Ring With The Best Sparkle

How To Pick An Engagement Ring With The Best Sparkle

Are you getting ready to pop the question? Congratulations! This is bound to be an exciting time for you as you prepare for the proposal. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring, you may be wondering how to choose one with the ultimate sparkle and shine. To help you find the one, we’ve put together some of the key things you need to know to get your search off to the best start.

What is scintillation, and is it important?

When looking for a ring with plenty of shimmer, it’s important to consider the scintillation. This describes how light interacts with the surface of the gemstone. If you want a ring that gives plenty of sparkle when the light hits, choose a stone that offers a high refractive index, such as a diamond. The refractive index tells you how much light can reflect off the stone – in other words, how sparkly it is.

Is a diamond the best option for the ultimate sparkle?

Diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings for a reason. They offer a higher refractive index than other gemstones, such as sapphires and emeralds, meaning they can reflect lots of light at you when you look at them. This makes them super sparkly! 

Does the cut impact the sparkle?

Yes, the cut of the diamond can impact the amount of sparkle. Diamonds are cut into different shapes using several facets – which are the flat surfaces on the stone that make up the overall shape. These facets work like a mirror and reflect light to create the perfect shimmer. So, how the diamond has been cut and the number of facets affects how the light interacts with the stone and, therefore, the amount of sparkle.

Which diamond cut offers the best sparkle?

No matter which cut you choose, your engagement ring is sure to provide a beautiful twinkle. But if you’re keen to get one with the ultimate sparkle, consider the cut carefully. Round brilliant cuts offer the best sparkle: light that passes into the gemstone is reflected between 58 facets for incredible scintillation.

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Are there other ways to up the sparkle?

Absolutely! If you want a ring with the wow factor, there are other ways to increase the sparkle.

First and foremost, consider the 4Cs. In addition to the cut, the clarity and colour can determine diamond dazzle. Colourless diamonds offer the best bright white sparkle because they reflect white light more effectively than coloured diamonds. In terms of clarity, diamonds with fewer inclusions will shine more effectively in the light.

Choosing the right design is also important if you want to maximise scintillation. For example, a ring with stone-set shoulders typically has smaller diamonds on the band to complement the central gemstone. If you prefer a plain band, you could opt for a halo engagement ring where the central diamond is encircled with a ring of tiny diamonds for extra twinkle and shine.

Whatever you choose for your significant other, they’re sure to love the thought you’ve put into their engagement ring.

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