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The Riding Culture: Breaking the Rules of Fashion
cafe racer fashion

The Riding Culture: Breaking the Rules of Fashion

There are many reasons why retro motorcycles are making a strong comeback today. The café racer style of bikes is growing in popularity among younger riders. In fact, it has attracted many non-bikers into riding motorcycles on the open road. Showing up in a classic motorcycle is about as cool as it gets.

It is also interesting to see the fashion landscape developing around the riding culture of today. While most motorcycle riding gear is designed for safety, it is difficult to ignore the fact that many pieces are instant fashion hits. At the very least, the approach to fashion in the motorcycle world is interesting to follow.

Beyond Safety

Riders today don’t just look for protective gear. They search for fashion statements. Instead of a dull riding jacket, we now have stylish bombers and pieces like the Nail Leather Jacket by Deus Ex Machina. The items are evolving from simple safety gear to fashion pieces that you can mix and match with other items.

Safety remains a primary factor, but designers have more flexibility when it comes to the riding gear they create. The approach can be seen on many gorgeous pieces on the market right now.

One of our favourites is the Sprint, a leather riding glove designed with exquisite details and gorgeous lines. The tan leather and black accents are great, but the finishing touches – the textures added to the gloves –make this fashion piece a true gem. It works with different looks too.

cafe racer fashion

The Rise of Indie Brands

The motorcycle world is never too far away from rebels and rule-breakers. Riders enjoy being the revolutionaries of the world, and the same rebellious nature is true with the popular brands in this culture.

Indie brands have the ability to win the hearts of riders with their designs and stories. Some of the most popular items on the market actually come from brands like BRAAP. BRAAP gear and fashion pieces are designed for petrol heads – those who love cars, motorcycles, and everything in between – and you can see from BRAAP’s collection that the brand understands the culture.

The silk motorcycle scarf – the Café Check – from BRAAP is a classic example. The chequered pattern is something that café racer riders wore in the old days, but it is a pattern that is popular among riders today too.

A Growing Trend

Just like how aviator jackets and glasses took the fashion world by surprise a few years ago, fashion items associated with today’s riding culture are gaining traction in the mainstream fashion market. Sleek leather jackets, riding gloves, boots designed to withstand the elements, and even riding bags or backpacks become the inspiration for more fashion pieces.

We even have jeans designed to make riding more comfortable. That’s how far the riding culture has affected the fashion world.

The rebellious side of riding is helping the fashion world show its rebellious side too; designers are breaking the rules of fashion to create bolder, more attractive pieces. After all, fashion is always about what’s next, isn’t it?