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Summer Lingerie: Don’t Let a Bra Ruin Your Outfit With These Handy Tips

Summer Lingerie: Don’t Let a Bra Ruin Your Outfit With These Handy Tips

When it comes to bras, there’s no one-size fits all. Wearing the right bra can make you feel confident and comfortable, so it’s important to take time and enjoy the process of choosing new lingerie and finding your perfect fit.

Research by M&S found that over a third of women (35%) have never had a bra fit, two-fifths (38%) are unsure if, or know whether, they are wearing the right bra size, and amongst those that have had a bra fit, nearly one third haven’t been fitted in the last five years (30%).1

M&S are proud to celebrate its long-standing BraFitTMservice, encouraging the nation to embark on a journey of self-care and well-being this summer and to ‘Love Your Boobs’ – starting with a BraFitTM.  

Soozie Jenkinson, Head of Lingerie Design at M&S, encourages women to have a bra fitting every six months to ensure that their bra is providing the right support they need and fits correctly. 

The band should sit horizontally on your back 

Soozie explains: If the under-band of your bra is riding up at the back, your bra is too big. It should sit horizontally around your body, and you should be able to fit two fingers under the band comfortably. If the bra wires are digging in either at the front or the side of your breasts, then the cups are too small.

A wired bra should lie flat against your chest

Wired bras have a little bit of a reputation for being uncomfortable, but they don’t need to be. If the wire digs into your body, it could be a sign that it’s too small for you. The front of the bra should sit flat against your chest, and you shouldn’t feel a wire push in the middle of your breasts.

Credit: M&S

Make sure that your bust is contained fully within the cup 

Breasts can change in size for a number of reasons, whether that’s weight loss or gain, menstrual cycles and pregnancy, all being a factor. If your favourite bra isn’t fitting quite right in the cup area, it’s a sign that you may need to get a new bra. 

Your bust should be fully contained and comfortable within the bra cup, without the appearance of gaping from the edges of the bra.

Your bra straps should be secure but not tight

Your bra straps should be secure but not too tight. If you remove the straps, your bra should continue to support your breasts. Adjust your bra straps so that they sit at a comfortable length, as the underband acts as the main support.

Book a BraFitTM consultation

In 2022, M&S sold 21 million bras and, through their BraFitTM service, fit over 900,000 customers.

If you feel as though your current bras aren’t giving you the support you need, it may be time to book a BraFitTM  consultation, available in 245 M&S stores across the UK. Equally, if you haven’t had a bra fit for over six months, it might be time to check in and see if your bra size is correct. 

Alternatively, M&S offer virtual appointments for those that want to measure their bra size from the comfort of their own home. All you need is a tape measure!

To book a BraFitTM consultation at your local M&S store, please visit the M&S website:

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