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Style And Function With Thule
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Style And Function With Thule

Have you ever stopped to look at the bag you have? There’s no doubt that a bag is a convenient tool for getting stuff from one place to another. However, there’s a bit of debate among people as to what constitutes a good bag. We take a look at the kinds of things that make a bag stylish and functional.


First things first. Any bag which you have with you needs to be durable. It’s no good having something that is going to rip suddenly, sending all of your possessions onto the ground below and possibly even damaged. A good quality bag will have a durable and long lasting design, which means that it will be used for a long time with confidence.


For a lot of people, their bag is part of an image. They want to portray style and taste, and each article of their clothing works in tandem with their possessions to achieve this goal. The use of a bag will require that backpack to be of a stylish design, and to help to compliment further the clothing and other accessories you wear.


This is perhaps the most crucial element for a bag. Any and all bags that you own need to be as functional as possible. Once upon a time, working professionals would have had to squeeze in the gym before work, or before a meeting. This was obviously made more difficult by the need to carry two different bags – one for the gym clothing, and another for work clothing and possessions. However, this is no longer the case. There are now bags which balance style with functionality and can also be used for both work and play. These are the kinds of pockets big enough to store everything but keep the various items and clothing separate, and are also impressive enough to warrant being used for the gym and also being accepted inside the working environment. This is very important for a good backpack, as versatility and functionality are heavily coveted qualities in everything we own. A great example of this includes the Vea range from Thule.

The Vea transitions between a backpack, duffel or sling and easily goes from the gym to work while keeping all gear separate. It is not only large enough to keep all your items for your daily activities, but you can keep them organised within the different compartments. As with most Thule backpacks, there is a padded laptop pocket at the back of the bag which is big enough to fit a 15″ MacBook, and can be accessed from the side for your convenience. There is an exterior stash pocket for quick access to your phone, keys, snacks or whatever else you may need to grab in a hurry.

Overall, these are just a few of the different things which make a bag a good one. While different people will argue the importance of different things, we think that there’s a set of core attributes which make a successful backpack. A durable design is obviously important, and a stylish exterior will make all the difference when it comes to being out and about. However, it’s the functionality of a bag which makes it good. We need to be able to make sure that the backpacks we choose can work in all kinds of environments, from the work environment to the casual air of the gym.