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A Spotlight On: Sustainability and Style
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A Spotlight On: Sustainability and Style

Unless you’ve been completely ignoring the news of late, you’ll undoubtedly have heard that the UK government became the first in the world to declare a climate emergency. Although it is unclear just what the definition of this and what it means for the average person, in short, the way we live needs some considerable changes.

One area that is often scrutinised is fashion. On the whole, individuals can’t get enough of it. However, it is one of the most significant polluters both in environmental and social aspects.

The hunger for newness is a stark reality that the tides of change may be quite some time away. However, there are some ways that both shoppers and brands are adapting to not only bring newness to the fashion industry but also a conscious newness that has less impact on the planet.

the cotton london

So what can shoppers do to be the change in the industry?

Fast fashion is a significant money-maker among the clothing giants, but as consumers become more aware of its impact, the tide is changing for eco-conscious independents.

To bring change to the industry, shoppers have to decide to shop more sustainably with elements such as shopping locally, keeping clothing for longer and investing more in quality clothing. These simple aspects can transform your shopping experience too, and save you money in the long term.

How brands are responding to sustainability

One of the main focuses in recent media has been on the women’s clothing sector. However, the men’s side also has a prominent part to play. Brands such as The Cotton London are tackling the issue of fast fashion head on, and have created a brand that is passionate about locally made garments with the extra bonus of ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

The Cotton London is at the forefront for leading a commitment to improved processes and shopping experiences. Plus they are considered the world’s finest cotton clothing brand for men with their fantastic collection of on-trend essentials and stylish pieces.

Not only has The Cotton London got the basics covered, but they are also designing a new Cotton eShirt that includes cutting edge wearable technology. This innovation is embracing both modern technology and smart fabrics to promote sustainable and healthy living in every aspect of your lifestyle.

the cotton london

Sustainability doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish

Previously, ethical and sustainable in the context of fashion often had connotations of lacklustre style and uncomfortable material. Fast-forward a few decades, and we are now in the midst of a new age of the industry as a whole.

With changing attitudes, the impact of consumerism is starting to take hold, and people are thinking about their purchases in the longer term. As a shopper, it’s good to consider your choices and ask questions such as ‘will I actually wear this?’ or ‘how well does this material wash?’ as these important elements determine whether you’re wasting your money or not.

Searching for brands that represent a greener approach to fashion can help you do your bit for the environment. Plus you can look stylish while you do it!


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