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2021’s Most Popular Interior Trends According to Instagram

2021’s Most Popular Interior Trends According to Instagram

Along with Pinterest, Instagram is a real treasure trove of inspiration; whether you’re looking for outfits or interiors, holiday destinations or restaurant recommendations. Top interior designers and home renovators alike are all taking to the platform to showcase the very best home décor trends, and thanks to hashtags, it’s easier than ever to see which styles are trending right now.

Here, home furnishings retailer Terrys discusses the top ten home design trends that have dominated the social platform in 2021.

#Sheepskin mentioned 284,304 times

Textured interiors are having a real moment on Instagram. Sheepskin has increased dramatically in popularity over the last year, featuring on everything from cushions and throws to furniture upholstery. Bouclé and sheepskin textiles are extremely versatile and hard-wearing, working extremely well on curved shapes.

#lineartwork mentioned 282,438 times

From female form to abstract art, line prints have risen hugely in popularity over the last few months.

Line art is particularly popular as it’s a simplistic and non-obtrusive style of décor. It’s able to compliment any kind of home trend and matches both colourful or minimalist homes. Line art is seen on Instagram featuring on the walls of everywhere from bedroom and living areas to studies and even home offices for a personal touch.

#japandi mentioned 115,234 times

The Japandi trend mixes Japanese minimalism with stripped back Scandi style. The Japandi trend has risen hugely in popularity lovers for its minimalistic and harmonious style, offers simplicity and function and a timeless design aesthetic.

#Velvetsofa mentioned 56,083 times

With 56,083 mentions on the social platform, velvet sofas are yet another interiors staple that is on the rise in 2020. These days you can’t open an interiors magazine without seeing a plush sofa, with luxurious velvet materials providing a touch of glamour to living and reception spaces galore. For a classic look, stick to neutral shades of grey and blush or for a more modern take on the trend, look to petrol blue and garden green colour palettes.

#Blueinteriors mentioned 37,100 times

After Dulux named its colour of the year 2022 as Bright Skies, it comes as no surprise that blue is making a serious home interiors comeback, with “Blue interiors” hashtagged just over 18,000 on Instagram alone. Inspired by the morning sky, blue is a seriously versatile shade that can be used to create inviting and welcoming spaces with a creative twist. Blue is subtle enough to be downplayed, or bold enough to be striking depending on the style you’re after; the more relaxed shades are a perfect substitute for often overused grey.


Images: courtesy of Terrys