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Repurpose With A Purpose! Making The Garden A Rustic Paradise

Repurpose With A Purpose! Making The Garden A Rustic Paradise

“Rustic” is a term that is pretty much open to interpretation. In one sense it can be reminiscent of something from the past, but on the other hand, there are so many ways to make a rustic aesthetic in the home by using old items. In this sense, almost anything can be deemed rustic, but if you want to make the garden into something a bit more rustic, you have got a little bit more to get your teeth into. As your garden is a blank canvas, ripe for interpretation, you can turn your garden into a rustic paradise through many different methods…  

Go vintage

Probably the easiest way to make your garden more rustic is to pepper the space with a few more vintage items or natural materials. You can go very classic and put a wooden wagon in there, or use a vintage bicycle and repurpose it by turning it into a garden planter. The great thing about a rustic space is that there is so much room for interpretation, meaning that all rules can go out the window.  

Shake up the ground beneath your feet

If you really want to go up the garden path in a rustic manner, you’ve got an abundance of options. If you want a sense of formality, but still a little bit rough around the edges, you can use reclaimed Yorkstone, which is sturdy, but also so give that olden but golden look to the space. On the other hand, you could use natural wood. And if you really want to go vintage, you could go and fashion a DIY path made of log slices. Cutting logs slices into approximately 3-inch pieces you can create an amazing little pathway but automatically communicate that rustic idea. From there, you can start to put more log and wood themed implementations into the area, or perhaps even a treehouse!

Don’t get de-fence-ive!

Sometimes the old ones are the best. Using a rustic hardwood fence creates that sense of order to a disorganised space. Using tree trimmings from a sustainable forest can get around that unethical approach to country style fencing. But if you want to go for the white picket fence look, there are plenty of styles out there for the average person. On the other hand, you could use shrubbery as a way to create those boundaries. If you like that idea of the space being free and easy without a sense of order, planting shrubs and trees of varying heights can instantly create this.

Attract nature

If you want to attract wildlife, you can start by getting a few bird feeds, as well as a birdbath, but you can go one step further and install an insect hotel, which you can purchase ready-made, or make one yourself. A rustic garden is at one with nature, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. If you want a more classic and twee look, you can do that very simply. But if you really want to go and get involved with nature, you can do that as well. Whatever you want, you can turn a garden into a rustic paradise.


Image credit: Pexels