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Planning Something Special for That Special Someone

Planning Something Special for That Special Someone

Isn’t love wonderful? 

Well, you’d think so, but being in a relationship isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Some people find it hard to feel appreciated by their special someone. It can be easy to fall into a rut, especially if you’ve been together for years and you’re well past the honeymoon stage.

The fact is, love is wonderful as long as you don’t stop trying. 

Whether you’re planning a wedding or engagement or you’re thinking about something more low-key, it’s never a bad idea to put in a bit of effort now and then.

Regular date nights (and days)

When you first start dating someone, both parties are putting their best foot forward. You want to impress the person you’re with while also getting to know them. It isn’t the time to explore your faults, but it’s absolutely the time to have fun.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been together for a short time or a long time, these dates are a vital part of building your relationship. In fact, dates are arguably more important when you know each other better, including all the rough edges.

Think about it, let’s say that you live with someone. You know what they’re like at their worst. You’ve smelt their morning breath, and they’ve smelt yours. It can sometimes suck the romance out of things, and you forget about the butterflies you once had.

Dating is designed to bring the romance and, more importantly, bring the fun.

So, put in the effort that your relationship and your loved one deserve. A regular date, whether it’s once a month or twice a week, shows that you still prioritize the romantic side of things.

A date also doesn’t just have to be a candlelit dinner, although there’s nothing wrong with that. Go out for the day. Have a picnic, go white water rafting, do something fun and interesting. 

Sprinkle in surprises

Another key to making your plans special is to throw some surprises into the mix. For example, if you’re buying something nice for your significant other and don’t want them to find out, look at how to delete google search history so they can be completely surprised when their gift turns up.

Of course, communication is key in your relationship. You need to balance the excitement of surprise with the need to make your partner feel secure. 

So, don’t spend a huge amount of money on a secret surprise that they might not even appreciate. You know your loved one best, so you should know the right balance between a pleasant surprise and a shock.

Make it personal

We’re all unique individuals with unique relationships. This is something that should be celebrated, so it’s up to you to make sure that your loved one feels celebrated.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with the classic romantic gestures. They’re classics for a reason.

But when you go the extra mile to make things personal to your loved one, they’ll appreciate it all the more. The classics are ideal when you don’t know someone yet. But a more personalized gift or date is perfect when you want to prove exactly how much you know and love your partner.

Work together

So, we’ve tackled planning fun surprises for your significant other, but sometimes, planning a romantic getaway is the perfect opportunity to test your communication skills

This is especially important if you’re planning something that will take up a lot of time and money, so you need to show consideration for your partner and ensure that they will actually enjoy it.

Talk about what you both want, and make sure that you’re planning something that you will both enjoy.

If one person is always the one making sacrifices and jumping through hoops to make the other person happy, you have a problem. A partnership should be equal. Constantly being the one who makes all of the effort can lead to resentment on your part, and your partner may even appreciate you less.

This isn’t to say that you should constantly keep a tally of everything you do for each other. Instead, you should communicate your concerns and issues. You should both take the time to plan things for the other person, even if its something small like taking on all the chores for a day so they can relax. 

If you work together and work on your relationship by planning these special events, gifts, and other tokens of your love for each other, you’ll find that you actually enjoy each other all the more.

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