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Make Your Home Work For You

Make Your Home Work For You

A family home is more akin to a member of the family rather than a blank house. Over the years it becomes integral to your family story. You may have seen your child taking its first steps within its walls, had your first large argument with your spouse, watched your daughter practice her flute for band practice, have installed three new cookers, watching your husband jump and comically trip over the dog onto the sofa that one year, and have shared many a Christmas meal in this space.

How then, can we separate the home as simply a shell in which these memories took place, and not an intimate part of them?

That being said, it can also be that making your family home work for you is important because if we fail to customise this area how we would like, we can sometimes go without the essential implements we may wish to consider. With that in mind, we would like to offer you some advice and options to this end, potentially helping you understand the vast array of potential you have here:

Understand your needs

What are you wishing to renovate? Have your children flown the nest now, causing you to consider opening up one of your rooms or even extending part of your home to make space for your indulgences? Perhaps you wish to install an entirely new kitchen unit and centre table within a large room? Maybe you wish to convert the garage or attic? Are you hoping to entertain more, and so are scoping out space for the potential pool? Unfortunately, a home is not the same as it is in video games like The Sims.

We cannot just enter an infinite money cheat and design as we wish. As long as you try and become crystal-clear as to your wants, you have a place to step from. From then you should:

Use residential architects

Residential architects can coax your true renovation desires out of you, but more than that, they are there to help you see if this is a possibility. It could be that with one of these services you realize that actually, your plans are way too ambitious and cannot be functionally crafted, let alone approved by the local housing authority.

However, much more frequently they can help you consider options you may not have thought about before, such as how to orient a room, how to effectively squeeze the most amount of floor space within your design, and serve as a worthwhile consultant regarding the aesthetic nature of your improvement. After all, keeping everything cohesive is likely the outcome you are looking for.

Let your budget guide you

A home could theoretically become extended forever before the housing authority or plain cosmic space prevents that, but of course, your budget is an important element of this. Identifying your budget and letting it guide you, allowing that to fuel how your home renovation proceeds can help you make more guided decisions, such as what wood to use for your trimmings, or how long constructive work can continue. With this in mind, you will not only find the right home for your tastes but also your means.

With this in mind, you’re sure to make your home work for you, in more ways than one.

Top photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash