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Listen To Music On The Go With Urbanista
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Listen To Music On The Go With Urbanista

This post contains items sent for review.

If you could only watch TV or listen to music for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Personally, I could survive without TV, however music, on the other hand, is a different story. Music for me transports me back to different memories, including ones from my childhood (and that feels like some time ago!). It sparks emotion and my favourite – gives you the chance to belt out the classics like no one is listening.

You’d think that because I love music so much, that’d I’d have a stereo system to listen to it at my house. But to be honest, do people have them anymore? – You know those massive tower music players with the turntable on top. If you’re like me and listen to it on your phone or through the TV, it sometimes just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Urbanista speakers

So recently, while searching for smaller audio options, I had the opportunity to review some fab speakers from the Urbanista range. The Sydney speakers come in four colours and are designed for people on the go and connect via BlueTooth to your devices. Featuring a compact, clean silhouette and smooth texture, Sydney easily slips into a travel bag or simply carry by hand. You can either choose to purchase one or two speakers and connect them to bring music to different rooms in the house or create a surround system vibe.

Urbanista is a brand very passionate about wellness, mental health and global sustainability. In fact, they have recently partnered with the Avicii Tim Bergling Foundation to help raise funds for mental health awareness in loving memory of the singer.

They sound great when I’m blasting my Spotify playlist and last a good few hours before needing a charge.

The beauty of these speakers too is they can come with me in our campervan. Myself and hubby have always just played music through our phones, but now we have the option to listen to it while we’re pitched up too!

The speakers are super easy to set up and have a USB cable in the box to charge them up. I picked the Sydney speakers in white to go with most of my home interior themes, but there’s also Olive Green, Rose Gold and Black to suit your preferences.

Take a look at them in action below and check out the new Urbanista speaker range here.

Priced at £34.90, they are travel must-have that delivers excellent sound wherever, whenever.