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The Luxury Of Retractable Pergolas: Any Garden’s Must-Have

The Luxury Of Retractable Pergolas: Any Garden’s Must-Have

What if I told you there is a way to enjoy your garden space during the cold winter months? I’m not talking about living somewhere else than England, even though that would be a solution. I’m talking about retractable pergolas with side screens for the ultimate luxury and functionality. I’ll say it again, ultimate luxury… how good does that sound? In my head, it sounds incredible.

Let me help you visualise this. Imagine waking up to the most beautiful first day of snow and going to the middle of your garden, sitting down in the cosiest sofa, looking at the snow falling whilst being snuggled up in the warmth with a nice cup of tea. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Or I could just show you…

Credit: Designer Shade Solutions

This is a retractable pergola with side screens and LED lighting. How dreamy does it look? Even if it was simply raining outside, this pergola would be incredible to feel like you’re outside when you are truly inside and covered from the cold and rain.

Designer Shade Solutions create these incredible pergolas designed to be used all year round. Their retractable roof also makes them super handy for the summer days when you want to enjoy the warmth to the fullest and, if it starts to rain, the roof can easily be closed.

Credit: Designer Shade Solutions

These modern pergolas are a great alternative to their traditional counterparts. Even though any type of pergola is a great way to upgrade your garden space, traditional pergolas are not able to cover you from rain and don’t come with side screens or heating.

As an article on The Spruce mentions, traditional pergolas are usually freestanding structures made of rafters and beams which are supported by columns. Yes, they look great with fairy lights, but what doesn’t? The main thing is that if you have a traditional pergola in England, you’ll only be able to use it for a few weeks during the summer, so I’d think it’s best to invest in something that you can actually use all year round.

What do you think of these retractable pergolas?



This article has been written by Carolina Neves, lead copywriter at Ad Lab, a digital marketing agency based in Hertfordshire. She is a journalism graduate who enjoys writing about all things travel and lifestyle.