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How to Style a Bohemian Wedding

How to Style a Bohemian Wedding

What is a Bohemian Wedding?

Strictly speaking, the term ‘bohemian’ is a countercultural one, coined in the 1800s as a way of describing those that lived outside of the cultural norms of the time. The term has endured through the ages, gaining new relevance in the 1960s as counter-cultural movements gained popularity in the face of war and segregation. Today, bohemian is a catch-all for shared elements from both the 19th and 20th century – a return to nature, an appreciation for the rustic and an inclination to free-spiritedness. In terms of a wedding theme, bohemianism can be applied in a number of ways – but ultimately, a bohemian wedding would be a pastoral one, that embraced nature and freedom in equal measure. So, how would you style such a wedding?

Styling Your Own Boho Wedding


The venue should be one of your first decisions following settling on the theme, and can inform that theme quite significantly. For a bohemian, or ‘boho’ wedding, you would want to choose a rustic venue plenty of outdoor space – all the better if there are wildlands on or surrounding the estate. The aim is a fairy tale feel, to create the notion of being transported away from the day-to-day and into somewhere else entirely.


The kind of lighting you employ for your ceremony and reception, whether held indoors or outdoors, can have a dramatic effect on the feel of your wedding. LED lights in the form of fairy lights or festoon lighting are a low-cost, low-energy way to create a mystical and wondrous environment, especially when used to create a canopy of light over the aisle or dancefloor. Tea lights and candles can be used for effect on tables, while large lanterns could be used to light pathways to facilities or between areas in a magical way.

Natural elements

With bohemianism at the core of your wedding décor, rustic elements will naturally take the foreground. Many boho weddings make extensive use of the outdoors, with spring being the perfect time of year to make the most of weather and wildflowers. Weather is a concern nonetheless, so an indoor contingency should always be planned in the event of inclement weather. Wildflowers can also become the centrepiece of guest tables and even the alters, with unstructured bouquets including reeds and blooms creating texture and intrigue.

The dress

A bohemian dress should eschew some of the more limiting traditions attached to the conventional wedding while accentuating the fairy-tale qualities of others. White is still the hue of choice, and lace is an excellent material to suit the theme – but contemporary designs that reject traditional ball gown and mermaid dress styles in favour of A-line dresses or even jumpsuits are de rigeur for the modern boho wedding.

Weddings are an incredibly rewarding affirmation of a shared life together, especially for the immense effort required to pull one together. Hosting a bohemian-style wedding is a stunningly beautiful way to share this love, and a magical way to spend a day.


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