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How to Design the Ultimate Rustic Kitchen
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How to Design the Ultimate Rustic Kitchen

Whether you live in the heart of London, or in a new country property in Southern France, you may be looking to create the perfect rustic kitchen because of the features that so appeal to you. While modern or contemporary kitchens are cold and almost institutional in appearance, rustic kitchens are warm and inviting and as the centre of family activity, that’s just what you are shooting for. Are you undergoing a kitchen remodel or simply designing (with your builder of course!) a new kitchen in a new country home? If so, here are some tips on how to design the ultimate rustic kitchen.

Wood features heavily in rustic kitchen design

One of the things you will notice in any rustic country kitchen is that wood plays heavily in the design as well as form. From lovely, and often carved, wood cabinets and tables, to butcher block centre islands and sometimes even hardwood flooring, you won’t find a rustic kitchen without wood. Consider for a moment one of the lovely gas ranges which are so popular today with a lovely wood knife holder where you can proudly display your imported handmade French Laguiole cutlery set.

Next, consider the options from Laguiole when choosing between cutlery with a natural brown horn finish on the handles, and those with lovely Oliver wood handles in a slightly lighter colour of brown. Either way, the appeal of natural wood throughout the kitchen complemented by 100% handmade French cutlery completes an award-winning design.

Warm earth hues for colour

Rustic kitchens are never painted in glaring whites but are rather done in rustic, warm earthy hues. These complement the natural wood throughout and are soothing to the atmosphere when sitting down to enjoy a family meal. There is nothing quite as unnerving as sitting down to the table in a harshly lit room with everything in a sterile white that gives the impression that dinner should be rushed through. A rustic kitchen is reminiscent of days gone by when the centre of the family day was meal times around the table with family and friends.

Detailing of furniture and cabinets

As mentioned above, one of the highlights of rustic design is the intricate detailing of wood furniture and cabinetry. Look for crown moulding, wainscoting and corbels if you want a traditional rustic appeal that is often carried through to decorative accessories as well. Sometimes peppermills and accompanying salt shakers are handcrafted in wood and chosen for the same reasons the handcrafted Laguiole cutlery is chosen. There is nothing quite as stunning as handcrafted accessories and that’s why today’s rustic kitchen employs as many handcrafted and decorative pieces as possible.

Whether living in the centre of London, or in a country estate, the warmth of a rustic kitchen is often the selling point of a home. Nothing is more inviting and if you are eventually looking to sell your property somewhere down the line, this could be that one selling point that so many homes lack. For now, enjoy the warmth with family and friends seated companionably around the table. Now, this is life!