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Top Tips For Hanging a Gallery Wall

Top Tips For Hanging a Gallery Wall

Got an expanse of wall that is crying out for some personality? One of the easiest and most interesting projects that will turn a dull wall into a characterful space is a gallery wall.

It’s best not to overthink the process of designing your art-filled area, the most effective results often come organically, however, there are a few handy tips you may like to consider before putting nail to brick.

To give you some inspiration, Juliette Wright from Authentic Furniture offers her advice on how to create a beautiful gallery wall that reflects your style and personality.

Eclectic style

You probably have pictures in frames that you want to be part of your wall. You should also consider using other wall hangings, from postcards and posters to macramé and wall art. Don’t worry too much about making it too matchy-matchy. You may want to see a certain colour scheme running through your choices, but an eclectic mix often is the most effective. 

Plan ahead

Nail your layout before marking your walls by planning your pattern on the floor. Use the back of old wallpaper to lay your frames on and draw around them to create a template. Then simply tape your wallpaper to your wall (using masking tape to avoid any damage) and hammer in your picture hooks. Remove the paper and hang your frames – simple!


It is good to have a starting point, especially if you are building your gallery wall as you go.

You can pick a large centrepiece as the midpoint for the rest of your artwork or you can start from the bottom corner of the wall and build your way up and out. This is a particularly good method if you are building your gallery wall along a staircase – just make sure you are also following the gradient of the stairs.

Frame it

If you are using frames, don’t forget they are part of the design too. Make sure you chose ones that fit in with your theme, whether glossy and sleek or antique wood frames from your local charity shop.  If you are going for the olde-worlde theme, don’t worry if your frames are a bit scuffed and chipped, it all adds to the character!

Spaced out

If you’re a dab hand at home styling you may want to experiment with spacing to create an eye-catching design. However, if you’d rather play it safe, create a makeshift spacer to make sure all your artwork is equal distance from the next. This will create a neat and uniform design quickly and easily.

Stick it

Gallery walls may look pretty, but they if you’re using nails to hang your frames, they can cause a fair amount of damage to your walls. Not ideal if you are in a rental property. Luckily there are lots of wall-friendly alternatives on the market, such as HANGables® Picture Hanging Squares or Command® strips.

Make it about you   

A gallery wall is a great way off adding add some of your personality into your home. Have a favourite song that means something to you? Search for a print that includes the song lyrics. Have some nick-nacks that you don’t know what to do with? Kiko frames are a great way of displaying meaningful items that are otherwise forgotten in the bottom of your draw.  You can also pick up similar budget versions on the highstreet.

Use your gallery wall to community your tastes, thoughts and philosophies and stick to designs that you love, and you’ll end up with a wall you are proud to show off.


Image credit: Authentic Furniture & Unsplash