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Review | Tattoo Aftercare from Skin Academy
tattoo aftercare

Review | Tattoo Aftercare from Skin Academy

In the past tattoos had a bad rap. Thankfully, over the last few years, tattoos and more importantly beautiful artistry have made a huge comeback, for the most part without its stereotype.

They say that getting inked is addictive and although I’m not sure that’s entirely true (especially if you don’t like pain), my personal journey started with getting some tiny additions (that you hoped your parents would never see!).

These few led to a few more and then I started my left sleeve about 5 years ago. It’s still not totally finished, but getting inked is an investment, one that shouldn’t be decided on a whim.

So as they are an investment and something that’ll be there forever, looking after them is essential. People used to ask all the time ‘don’t you worry what they’ll look like when you’re 60?’ but to be honest, firstly – is it really any of there business, and secondly, if you have great skincare products, they help keep them in tip-top condition.

tattoo aftercare

As someone with slightly sensitive skin, finding products that protect and nourish my skin without causing any issues is a top priority. I’m always trying out different types of oils, creams and serums so when I was introduced to INK’D by Skin Academy, the range of tattoo-specific products gave me a variety of options to try out.

I’m no stranger to Skin Academy products, as I’ve used the Pure range facial wash and scrub before and love this for cleansing my face. So it was great to hear about this new range.

There are several products that you can use for new and older tattoos. However, there are fewer options for specialised skincare that is high-quality and affordable. Thankfully, this range is both.

To give you an insight into the range, I’ve been using the products over the past few weeks to see how my tattoos look and feel, and here’s an overview of my experience.

INK’D Body Oil

Usually, I’m not a big fan of skincare oils. However, this product pleasantly surprised me. You don’t need to apply a lot, and it rubs in well and doesn’t leave that tacky residue. It’s enriched with sunflower and coconut oil, which nourishes the skin, plus the Vitamin E acts as an inflammatory which is ideal for newer tattoos that are healing. For me, this was perfect for my knee tattoo that I had done before Christmas.

tattoo aftercare

INK’D Serum

Serums are some of my favourite skincare products and are great for an intense boost of moisture. Much like the oil, you don’t have to use of lot to get good coverage, and its lightweight composition absorbs quickly into the skin. This serum is enriched with Shea Butter and Sacha Inchi Oil which both provide anti-oxidant properties. This boosts cell regeneration and conditions the tattoo to leave a nourished and smooth appearance.

INK’D Moisturiser

Protecting your tattoos from UV rays is vital for keeping them looking vibrant in the long-term. So if you’re looking for a product with something a little extra for your ink, this moisturiser is ideal. It’s enriched with Shea Butter to protect and revitalise the skin, plus it has SPF 15 properties for extra peace of mind. This is a great all-rounder. My only tentative comment is on the scent. It’s in no way bad at all. However, I just prefer moisturisers that have a barely there smell (but that’s totally a personal thing, I’m a little bit fussy!)

All in all, this range has everything you need to look after your ink. Each product is paraben-free, cruelty-free and really affordable too. If you want to try them out for yourself, you can buy them in retailers across the UK.