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Take a Look At The Hottest Trends in Bridesmaid Fashion For 2020

Take a Look At The Hottest Trends in Bridesmaid Fashion For 2020

For anyone planning their big day, you’ll know how important it is to get the whole bridal party looking on point. An important feature of wedding planning is what the bridesmaids will be wearing to complement your style.

To get an insight to what’s hot in bridesmaid fashion next year, we recently chatted to Alan Dessy, CEO of The Dessy Group, an internationally recognised bridesmaid and prom dress supplier, who shares his insights and predictions into bridesmaid fashion trends for 2020.

It’s all about the pastels

2020 is going to be an exciting time for bridesmaid fashion. It will be a celebration of the new soft and romantic hues that are soon to be trending in the fashion industry. Be prepared for an array of dresses in pale yellow, melon, peach shades and pastel greens. Soft pastels are set to be popular this Spring, while Autumn-Winter collections will see russet shades coming into play. The colour trends of the year will beautifully mimic the changing colours of the seasons and moods of the Earth”.


Dessy continues, “As years go by, I am continuing to see that girls are still being traditional and inviting their best friends and family to be bridesmaids in long dresses. Brides-to-be select a range of hues to match in a given colour scheme for their special day”.

Get your glitter on

There is also an emerging trend toward less conventional styles. This year, you will be pleasantly surprised by modern jumpsuits. “I predict that prom-style dresses, made of very sparkly glitter and sequin fabrics, are going to be seen more in 2020”.

Switch it up

Two dress changes – its not just for the bride anymore! More and more brides opt for two dresses for their maids – a more formal dress for the ceremony and then a second dress, more relaxed in style for the evening reception. Our NEW ‘Loop Dress’ is a perfect option for maids who want to adopt this new trend; our Loop Dress is one dress that can be transformed into 13 different styles! Choose your style for the day and switch it up to a different style for the evening. More information on our Loop Dress can be found at


Images courtesy of Dessy