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Have You Been Storing Your Toiletries All Wrong? 6 DOs and DON’Ts From An Expert

Have You Been Storing Your Toiletries All Wrong? 6 DOs and DON’Ts From An Expert

How you store your toiletries can make all the difference to how well they work, but there are common mistakes that can damage products, make them ineffective or even unsafe.

Toiletries don’t come cheap either, so to avoid the costs of replacing them, it’s time to think about how your store your products. To help, the beauty packaging experts at Lifestyle Packaging have put together their top six dos and don’ts…

DON’T leave your razor in the shower

Leaving razors in showers is not only bad for your skin but will also hurt your bank balance. Moisture can blunt the blade, meaning you’ll need to replace your razor more often if you want to avoid painful razor burns and rashes. Prolonged exposure to water can cause the blades to rust which, should you cut yourself shaving, can cause infections.

Always take your razor with you out of the shower and dry the blades with a towel or even a quick blast from a hairdryer before storing it somewhere dry.

DON’T leave electric toothbrushes on charge

Most people will automatically replace an electric toothbrush on its charger after brushing. But being on charge 24/7 will damage the battery – much like a mobile phone.

Only put your electric toothbrush on charge for a few hours when the red light flashes to say it’s running low. Otherwise, just store it like a manual brush.

Remember though, always wipe dry the brush to stop bacteria from forming. Water dripping from the head of the toothbrush will cause unsightly gunk to form around both the neck of the toothbrush and the base of the charger.

This gunk is actually a mix of toothpaste residue and mould – the last thing you want going near your mouth!

DO store perfume in its original packaging

Though perfume bottles are designed to make us want to display them, the best way you can prolong a perfume’s life span is by keeping it in its original box.

It may be more convenient to leave perfume on easy-to-grab spots such as vanities or windowsills, but these are the worst areas for storing fragrances.

Exposure to light and heat from the sun will alter and weaken the scent. So, save money by keeping perfumes in their original packaging and store them somewhere cool and dark such as a drawer or cupboard.

DON’T keep cosmetics, serums and creams on show

Just like with perfume, keeping beauty and skincare products on show can be tempting to save time but it could be damaging the product inside.

The humidity of a bathroom makes it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and if your products aren’t sealed, bacteria can easily infiltrate your lotions and potions. Water, heat and light can cause skincare products to degrade quicker too, altering their effectiveness.

Always store cosmetics and skincare products in a zipped opaque case or a dark drawer. Some products may come in UV protective jars or bottles, so double check first.

DO store shampoo and conditioner bottles upside-down

Get the most out of haircare bottles by storing them upside-down in the bath or shower.

Some brands, such as L’Oreal, Pantene and Head & Shoulders, are catching on to this time-old tip and are beginning to design their packaging accordingly.

With a flatter cap and bottom-heavy bottle, more product is encouraged to fall to the bottom with the help of gravity, making it easier to get every last drop.

DON’T let nail polish get too hot or too cold

Have you ever gone to paint your nails only to find the colour isn’t quite as brilliant as when you first bought it, or worse – it’s developed a gloopy texture?

That’s because nail polish is particularly sensitive to heat and light and can become unusable if stored incorrectly.

Nail polish is most volatile around heat – too hot and the solvents evaporate, causing the polish to thicken. Too cold and the polish can become too firm to use.

Storing your polishes at room temperature away from sunlight is best for salon-worthy results at home. Always shake a bottle thoroughly before each application too – this will see to any separation.


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