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Glamping … Just A Trend Or Here To Stay?

Glamping … Just A Trend Or Here To Stay?

Glamorous camping, or glamping, is an umbrella term that can cause eye rolling by some! Rather like a certain savoury, salty spread, you either love or loathe it.

Yet one of the nation’s leading glamping accommodation providers, which is just about to enter its 24th year in business, has not only managed to garner a huge gathering of loyal glampers, it also helped spearhead this popular type of holiday …

So … how did Wigwam® Holidays begin?

In 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell and the map of Europe changed forever, a young student called Charles Gulland had a brainwave. Brought up on the remote Scottish Island of Fair Isle, his love of the great outdoors remains unabated (in fact, he quit his career in accountancy to fulfil his dreams).

While studying at Hooke Park College in Dorset, he created a timber tent from forest thinnings. Charles had the idea that camping could be comfy, kind to the environment and certainly not break the bank. While today this sounds ‘old hat’, back then it was a new and inspired ‘blue sky’ thought.

From these first constructions, the Wigwam® Cabin was born. The original models – Wee Braves (sleeping three guests) and Big Chiefs (sleeping five guests) – began to pop up all over Scotland and gradually spread southwards.

Today, there are over 80 sites across the British Isles, and the Wigwam® Cabin range includes Running Water and Running Water Deluxe models (boasting en-suite facilities, a kitchen area and even a dining table and chairs!)

What makes Wigwam® Holidays special?

Today, as we approach the end of another decade and the political landscape of Europe will once more alter forever with ‘Brexit’, glamping has taken the competitive holiday sector to new heights.

Safari tents; airstream trailers; even converted Sea King helicopters now ‘sit’ under the glamping umbrella. And while these are all worthy glamping accommodation types, the timber cabin is still hard to beat.

Wigwam® Cabins are completely insulated (even under the floor); they have a hefty wall heater which warms up the interior in moments; Velux windows let in plenty of natural light and the lockable door means its occupants are secure. Not to mention the storage areas, comfy mattresses, electricity supply and lighting! And these are just the standard fixtures and fittings.

Rather like when you book a room at a well-known hotel chain, you know what to expect in terms of a superbly crafted Wigwam® Cabin – yet the great outdoors is just a few feet away. Wigwam® Cabins blend in perfect harmony with their natural surroundings.

Wigwam® Holidays sites are positioned at carefully selected locations – from the edge of a Scottish Loch to overlooking a Poldark-inspired beach landscape. Also as holiday-makers have such high expectations, most Wigwam® Sites go that extra mile to make a stay memorable … campfires; Prosecco; hot tubs; fresh bed linen …

What is the future of glamping?

Like the invention of the smartphone, an item most of us own and would find life difficult without, we now find it hard to imagine a world without glamping. The glamping sector is set to set even higher standards, as consumers tend to spend more on ‘experiences’ than objects.

Wigwam® Holidays is more than up to the task, and this year expects at least half a dozen new sites to open across the UK in some of the most idyllic locations you can imagine. We are proud to say we helped spearhead the glamping ‘revolution’ and while there will always be those who would rather camp than glamp, we remain ever hopeful of even more converts!

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