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5 Ways To Stay Stress Free While Travelling For Work

5 Ways To Stay Stress Free While Travelling For Work

For some, airports and trains stations are synonymous of an office, with many people travelling on a regular basis and having to balance unsocial travelling hours and absence from home.

Besides time spent away, travelling for work can add an extra layer of physical and mental stress to any professional so, to best avoid it, start your journey ready to win the long commuting game.

Bring comfortable shoes

While on the road, your shoes will be the accessory you will not want to mess up with.

Although any other piece of clothing can be easily purchased wherever you go, comfortable shoes are a different game altogether and you can’t replace them on the go.

Work stress-free from the airport

Marcio Delgado

“Instead of working from home until the very last minute before heading to the airport to catch a flight, I bring my laptop and carry on working from there. It is always more productive to work from a place where you need to be, rather than having to worry about getting to the airport on time.” – says Marcio Delgado, London-based Influencer Manager and Content Producer at RDB | Robin des Bois, who spends approximately 100 days of the year travelling for work.

Never check in your bags

If you are smart enough, you know that ‘travel light’ is a mantra everyone should stick to. It also allows you to be stress-free by not having to check your luggage while travelling, meaning extra time queuing up at a desk and further extra time waiting for your luggage to arrive once you land. Also, it can be very traumatic to have your luggage lost, while travelling, with things you will need for work, so avoid surprises by keeping your bags with you.

Travel suited, almost

No, this is not a fashion tip, it is a practical one.

Suit jackets can take up a lot of space in your luggage, but instead of considering about checking your bag, simply wear your suit jacket to board the plane and, once you get to your seat, fold it and store it up in the overhead bin on top of your suitcase.

A hotel would have handled it in a more professional, stress-free way because you are dealing with a business, not a family trying to make a bit of extra cash by putting their property online for short-term rental.

Take pictures of your receipts

Keeping all those work-related paper receipts, to claim your expenses at a later date, is not the best way to manage your time. You most likely will lose track of some of them. While travelling for work, take a picture of a receipt as soon as you get it, or use apps like Fyle, that helps you to keep your receipts, card expenses and mileages within one place.