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Book Review | Hired Fired Fled
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Book Review | Hired Fired Fled

Sitting down with a good book is rarely something I get around to these days.  More often than not when I do get the time, something has to really capture my interest, creating that can’t put it down feeling.  My favourite books are definitely tales of people, places and events so when I discovered the story of Charlie Raymond, author of Hired Fired Fled, I knew this was a one of those books I’d be able to relate to.

This book tells the story of Charlie’s working life with the highs and lows that we often face in our careers.  With the emphasis on ‘making it’, this tale captures the hilarious struggles, bizarre happenings and many countries Charlie travelled to searching for the perfect job yet escape the rat race.  Charlie’s witty ‘lessons learnt’ feature at the end of a chapter give a funny and perfectly summarised list of his feelings and experiences.

For me, this book struck a cord.  Not only have I wanted to for quite some time record the goings on in my career with personal memoirs. I’ve wanted to escape the rat race full stop.  I love the way his experiences make you feel that you’re not the only person sometimes standing there scratching your head, thinking what the heck am I doing.  One of my favourite trinkets from the book is ‘Millions are seeking career change – you are not alone’ and last year I took the plunge to change and pursue something I love.  I wasn’t alone, I had an immense supporting force (my husband) and bit the bullet.  He in turn changed his career soon after.

This book gets a big thumbs up and is ideal for anyone looking to find their way in the working world.  The epilogue has some amazing questions that you can ask yourself when setting your own goals and whether you want to test the oyster theory?

Check out the website and grab the book in paperback or ebook


Words by: Natasha Henson

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