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Blog of the Month | April 16
Blog of the Month

Blog of the Month | April 16

We had a really tough decision this month on who hand over the crown for our blog of the month competition.  After a great number of entries and a fabulous shortlist of blogs which you can see here, we have a winner for the British Style Bloggers April 16 spot.

Last month saw the lovely Jill from I Wear my Wages take the top spot and this month she’ll be handing over the crown to another very worthy fashion blogger.  So without further ado our British Style Bloggers April 16 winner is….. (drum roll please).

Laurie from Vanity and Me

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Laurie’s blog is brilliantly inspiring, she has amazing outfit inspiration posts and a great variety of fashion tips to take a look at.  I love the use of photography and the beautiful locations she shoots her outfit posts in, always make her clothing pop.  Vanity and Me blog has something for everyone and is an inspiration for ladies of all ages on looking good and feeling great.  Go take a look at her blog and help us share the love for our great British fashion bloggers.


I’d like to thank everyone that entered April’s blog of the month competition.  In true BSB style we’ll be opening up the floor once again and tomorrow you’ll get a chance to enter your blog for the May blog of the month competition, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


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