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7 Genius Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

7 Genius Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

If you are stuck with a small bathroom in your home there are plenty of ways to make it bigger! You don’t have to move the walls or build an extension, you simply have to deceive the eye into thinking that it is a much bigger space. Here are the seven ways in which you can do that without spending a fortune.

Blur the boundaries

When there is a clear boundary between floors, walls, and ceilings it makes the space seem a lot smaller. You can play with the boundaries of perception by using the same tiles on the floor and on the walls. If this is not possible, use the same colours. Marble-effect tiles are very effective in this situation. It always looks like it is one continuous sheet and it is not obvious that it is in individual tiles.

Re-think the heating

A big bulky radiator can take up a lot of wall space and can make the area look cramped. If you select a column, vertical radiator from this website then it will free up more floor space and give the illusion of space. If the colour of the radiator matches the wall behind it then the effect is improved further.

Pack in as many mirrors as you can

When mirrors reflect light, they give the illusion of space so the more mirrors you can get into your small bathroom the better. Try to hang mirrors opposite each other so that light bounces around the room. Replace your plain tiles with a mirrored version for maximum reflection!

Put the shower over the bath

A separate shower and bath takes up a huge amount of space and should be reserved for only the largest bathrooms. A shower over a bath works perfectly well. If you want a little more room for your shower you could invest in a shower bath. These are slightly wider at the end where the shower is located.

Forget the shower door

Where space is very tight (bathrooms that are 5 feet wide) you can fit in a toilet next to a bath that is around 30 inches wide. All you need then is a glass panel fitted to the bath to prevent the water from splashing over the toilet. Glass panels can be hinged and it will swing inwards for cleaning.

Put the towel rail on the door

Small bathrooms do not have the space for wall-mounted towel bars so put it on the back of the door. It is best to keep most of your towels in a nearby airing cupboard or closet and have one at a time in use in the bathroom. You can hang a separate hand towel on a peg by the wash hand basin.

Be creative with the wash hand basin

You can save a lot of space by buying a trough wash hand basin. This will not protrude into the room. The other option is to fit a wash hand basin in a corner.