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5 Ways to Make Travelling in a Campervan Exciting and Manageable for Sustained Periods
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5 Ways to Make Travelling in a Campervan Exciting and Manageable for Sustained Periods

Travelling in a campervan is the dream of many people who want to enjoy the open road, see different sights, and feel untethered from British Rail and bus routes. To see what Britain has to offer beyond the obvious tourist attractions, crossing over uncertain terrain takes a toll on any vehicle. Not every campervan is in tip-top condition due to their average age, so it’s a good idea to compare campervan insurance to get something to cover yourself.

Here are five ways to travel for longer and worry-free with a British campervan.

Dress Appropriately

There’s a tendency when travelling and seeing the sights to forego your usual sense of style, but we’d like to think that looking your best is necessary at all times. Sure, dress down to be comfortable while on the move, but represent yourself well at each stop.

With a good sense of British style, you’ll be distinguishable from the foreign tourists. Also, you’ll make a better first impression and may even receive friendlier service too. After all, almost everyone responds well to someone who’s made more of an effort to look fashionable.

Get Specialist Campervan Insurance

You should make sure that your van is covered for accidents, theft, and other possible incidents. After all, this is what you’ll be staying in most – if not all – of the time you’re travelling around the country. The last thing you expect is for someone to take your home on wheels, but ensure you’re covered financially if they do.

Consider campervan insurance that offers the most coverage. You want to think about the value of the camper itself and any contents inside too. Many insurance policies won’t expect you to be living inside the vehicle, so check the insurance to verify the little extras are covered too. Replacing a sleeping bag, laptop or smartphone might not seem like much, but it’s surprising how they add up!

To find the right policy, you could try and run through a campervan insurance comparison at A single insurer might have several policies for these types of campers. Quotezone helps you pick the right cheap campervan insurance company for you and your camper. It’ll be worth it.

campervan travel

Plan Meals Carefully

It’s difficult to eat healthfully when on the road. Depending on what arrangements you make, many travellers bring their own cooking stove and icebox to keep food fresh between visits to a supermarket or local fruit & veg stall.

Adjust your eating plan by building in changing situations. This way, you avoid expensive restaurant visits or going to a fast food place because you didn’t plan appropriately. A piece of fruit or some nuts will carry you through a multi-hour leg of your journey before you’ve arrived. Then you can prepare a proper meal. Your waistline will thank you too.

Decide on Your Itinerary but Allow for Changes in Plans

Make a list of the places you’d like to visit on this trip. Research different routes you can take ahead of time. Think about likely weather conditions and which routes make the most sense. Also, factor in the season too. For instance, if you’re planning to go to the Lake District or the Peak District, you may wish to get there when the weather is warmer. This informs what route to take where you’re hitting up other spots along the way before you get there.

It’s also necessary to prioritise. You’ll have more fun when avoiding racing from place to place. When not spending much time at each location, any trip can begin to feel rushed. Then it’s less enjoyable.

When planning your route and what you can fit in, consider how much time you’ll want to spend at each stop. Add a buffer in case you wish to stay longer and have secondary places to include if you end up with spare time, to avoid arriving at your main destination ahead of the date you planned.

Get AA or RAC Coverage

Given that you’ll likely be running up hills and down dales to see the sights around the UK, the camper will be put through its paces. There’s a possibility of a breakdown, partly due to travel putting extra wear on the vehicle and because stuff happens at the most unlikely time.

To avoid getting stranded and losing the use of your home on wheels, get either AA or RAC breakdown cover. They offer many benefits such as roadside assistance and being towed to a local garage for a quick repair. There are different packages depending on what level of cover is required. Getting breakdown cover before you need it is vital, especially for older campers. Budget the expense into the total cost for your trip. Don’t gamble nothing will happen. Protect against it.

With a bit of planning and the right attitude, a trip in a campervan is an exciting adventure. There’s so much around Britain to see and do when taking the time to see it with your own eyes.