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Which are the Best Commuter Towns to London?
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Which are the Best Commuter Towns to London?

London is one of the most exciting cities in the entirety of the Western Hemisphere, being a global centre of business and a cultural hotspot. The nine million people that live in London make it the special, sprawling urban hub that it is, from suburban retail workers to urban butterflies and beyond.

As Large as London is, it still isn’t quite big enough for the millions more that work within its bounds. The breakneck pace of life in the capital can also be too much for some, who prefer to couch their personal lives in a little calmer, quieter or cheaper places. If you’re due to take a job in London, but capital city life isn’t quite your speed, which are the best commuter towns nearby that you could set down your roots within?

1. Reading 

Reading is a historic town in the storied county of Berkshire, some 40 miles away from London proper. These 40 miles are not for the faint-hearted to travel but are whiled away quickly by car on the easily accessible M4. The regular trains from Reading to Paddington are quicker still, taking as few as 25 minutes to get you from A to B. The distance might be a turn-off for some, but the true value lies in Reading’s incredible nature reserves and gardens.

2. Stevenage 

Photo by Mike Williams

The name Stevenage is one which often attracts derision, in the same way that names like ‘Slough’ or ‘Skegness’ often do; but this poorly received name is a misnomer, as the town is one of the more popular commuter towns of the bunch. A large reason for this may be the mere 21 minutes it takes to get to London via Thameslink; an even larger reason might be the new build homes that constitute Stevenage’s growing suburban base, which easily trump the ridiculous costs associated with living in London.

3. St Albans 

St Albans is a Hertfordshire retreat, some 25 miles north of London and just about ensconced in the comfortable arms of Hertfordshire. Its placement northwest of North London makes it an ideal location for the cost-conscious to lay down roots while remaining local to London’s busiest airport, and the world’s fourth-busiest: Heathrow. The business-minded will find a charming town with historic architecture, quaint pubs, and undeniably advantageous transport links.

Photo by Ryan Searle

4. Tunbridge Wells 

Finally, we come to Tunbridge Wells – a Kent-borne town with only 45 minutes between it and England’s capital. While not proximal to the capital, Tunbridge Wells is by no means an affordable place; indeed, it is often considered to be one of the most well-to-do towns in the country. Its incredible rural surroundings and fertile land make it the ideal place for high-flyers to find a slice of quiet, the surrounding countryside all but a playground to make the most of.

Top image: Unsplash