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4 Effective Ways To Be More Stylish

4 Effective Ways To Be More Stylish

While you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to completely transform your wardrobe, it’s always beneficial to make small and achievable changes to improve your style. 

Being fashionable doesn’t have to mean wearing the season’s newest trends or attempting to master complex styles, it can literally be something as simple as adding layers or understanding how to accessorise properly.

If you feel you need some help in order to be more stylish, here are four ways that are guaranteed to get the compliments rolling in.

Fit is key

You’ll notice that all the famous fashionistas have clothing that fit them perfectly. Never will they have ill-fitting trousers or shirts where the seam fails to hit their shoulder. Yes, these details are subtle but they make a world of difference.

To ensure your clothes fit you properly, use a tape measure to individually measure the various parts of your body. Or, to make things easier, visit a tailor who’ll be able to create made-to-measure clothing for you.

After understanding your body shape, it’s time to balance your proportions, finding out which parts you wish to highlight and which you want to disguise.

Build a capsule wardrobe

There’s nothing worse than having a closet full of clothes you don’t feel like wearing. Perhaps the style is out of date? Or maybe you’ve changed your style since? To prevent this, take inspiration this Spring from superstar stylist Tan France who is a big believer in creating a capsule wardrobe.

By capsule wardrobe, we mean a small collection of clothing that can be paired each day to create various outfits. What’s better is that these pieces are timeless, transcending seasons and trends to create perfectly tied-together attire. A few great examples include neutral t-shirts, plain trousers, blazers, and leather boots.

Investment in statement jewellery

Being stylish doesn’t require you to spend on numerous extravagant pieces of jewellery. That’s not to say you can’t do so, but wearing a single jewellery staple can be highly effective. A delicate pendant, a pair of diamond earrings or a signature luxury watch – this is the hack to being incredibly stylish.

The aim here is to keep things lowkey, avoiding too many items or overpowering pieces. That way you don’t take too much distraction away from your outfit.

Take care of your appearance

An unkempt or dirty appearance can completely ruin all the good work you’ve been doing to put together the perfect outfit. Your beauty regime needn’t be excessive, just a few daily or weekly touch-ups, including ensuring your nails are trimmed neatly, your clothes are clean, and your hair is styled.

Doing these simple habits on a regular basis can also enhance your natural beauty, helping you to feel more attractive and confident.

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