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Are Cultured Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

Are Cultured Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

We all know the infamous lyrics once sung by the beautiful Marylin Munroe, and many can relate to her penchant for gorgeous jewellery. But when we’re searching for that perfect diamond, do we really consider its origins and how it came to grace your jewellery box.

Much like many other sectors, there is a lot of focus on sustainability and ethical practices in jewellery manufacturing. However, there are a few brands at the forefront of change that not only bring you exquisite collections but also ensure ethical practices at met for both environment and community.

Cultured or lab-grown diamonds

There’s no getting away from the fact that traditional diamonds are mined. There are some large diamond mines across the world, and they create a significant impact on our environment and landscape. So what’s the alternative if you love diamonds in your jewellery collection or are looking for the perfect engagement ring?

In recent years, the idea of lab-grown diamonds is making waves across the industry. These diamonds are created by duplicating the natural conditions that traditional ones are formed in but without any of the mining. They have the same chemical and optical properties so you really wouldn’t tell the difference. Plus, they are generally more affordable than the mined counterpart.

So what’s not to love about this unique jewel! 

Sustainable jewellery options

Cultured diamonds offer you the chance to choose beautiful designs and colours that might usually be rarer in traditional forms. Each diamond including the options available for lab grown diamond engagement rings are also exquisite quality as imperfections are removed, and their impact on the environment is much lower.

To see firsthand the type of jewellery you could add to your collection, a great place to visit is This new brand is disrupting the jewellery sector and offers captivating designs that are high-quality and ethical. Take a look at some of our favourites below:

There are common misconceptions about lab-grown diamonds, take a look at some of the most asked questions:

Are cultured diamonds graded the same as traditional ones?

In short, yes! Cultured diamonds are graded in the same way – by their colour, clarity, cut and carat. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the IGI (International Gemological Institute), among other gemological institutes offer certificates for lab-grown diamonds.

Are they real?

Yes, they’re real diamonds. They are created using the same conditions as natural diamonds and have all the same properties.

Are cultured diamonds more sustainable?

Lab-grown diamonds are not mined, so they don’t require land or cause wildlife displacement. Another benefit to man-made options is they can be now be grown with 100% renewable energy, and they are guaranteed conflict-free every single time.

Are they pure like mined diamonds?

Believe it or not, nearly all mined diamonds are not 100% pure even though they look clean and sparkly. Since cultured diamonds are grown in a controlled environment, they are often purer than mined diamonds.

There are lots of reasons why switching your jewellery choices to cultured options is a great way to update your collection more sustainably. So check out the alternatives and still enjoy the beauty of this stunning gem.


Images courtesy of Lark & Berry.