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Why You Should Get A Dormer Loft

Why You Should Get A Dormer Loft

If you need to extend your existing living space to make more room for your family, a dormer loft could be the perfect choice for you. While a standard loft conversion adds the space you require, a dormer loft is a box-shaped extension that protrudes from the roof to give you much more space than the original loft had acquired. While all home renovations can be costly, they are certainly a worthy investment for the long-term future. There are many benefits as to why you should be adding a dormer loft to your home, and we’re going to look at just a few of them below.

1. Extra space

It may sound like a very obvious point to make, but a dormer space is the perfect way to add some much-needed space to your property. You may not have the land or the funds to build an extension as your family starts to grow, but a dormer allows you to make use of the existing space. The good news is that a dormer loft is highly versatile and can be used in several ways, including a work-from-home office, an additional bedroom, or even a playroom for little ones, depending on your needs.

2. Extra headroom

Lofts are typically very shallow in height, which can make it difficult to use the room to your desired requirements. Therefore, it can be very easy to bypass plans and simply use it as a junk room. However, a dormer loft provides enough headroom to stand comfortably without having to stoop, making it suitable for a bedroom, dressing room, or office space. While you may be keen to carry out a DIY dormer loft conversion, it would be best to hire a professional such as Touchstone Lofts Oxford to ensure you have met the minimum head height requirements for dormer loft conversions.

3. Increased light

Due to the protruding window of a dormer loft, you’ll be able to let more natural light into your home, which isn’t always achievable with a standard loft conversion. Natural light provides many health benefits and will also create a bright and welcoming space that you’re sure to want to spend time in.

4. Enhanced value to your property

A dormer loft will not only increase your home’s visual appearance but could also add significant value to the resale price, which will be beneficial if you’re planning on putting it on the market in the near future. According to studies, this type of home improvement could enhance your home’s value by an impressive 20%. Although a dormer loft can be a huge upfront investment, it will certainly pay off in the long-term and potentially even scoop a healthy profit when the time comes to sell.

5. Rarely needs planning permission

One of the drawbacks of having any structural work on your property is having to seek planning permission, which may not always get approved despite the lengthy wait. However, a dormer loft conversion very rarely requires this as it is registered under permitted development rights. With this in mind, you can get started on the renovation works almost immediately, as opposed to a standard extension.


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