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Explore London in One Day: 7 Cool Things You Can do and See
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Explore London in One Day: 7 Cool Things You Can do and See

One of the things that make London magnificent is the fact that it has maintained the old charm, which mesmerizes visitors stepping to the city for the first time. London has plenty of experiences to offer, and a day isn’t enough to traverse the epic city. However, if 24 hours is the only time you’ve got and you’re planning day trips from London by train, you better be strategic about what to see and the cool things you can do.

visit london

Here are a few that can fit in your 24-hour trip.

Do an On-and-Off Bus Tour

When you have limited time in London, a hop-on-hop-off bus tour is something you should consider because you’ll get to see the city from a different perspective. Since you’ll be moving from one stop to the next, it is an excellent way to catch a glimpse of various major attraction sites in a short time.

Visit St. James Park

London is popularly known for its lush parks, and one that you shouldn’t miss out on is St. James Park. This Royal Park is one of the oldest in the city and covers more than sixty acres. The park features a lake, grassy open space, paved paths, and manicured flower beds. It also hosts more than fifteen species of waterfowl, such as pelicans, ducks, and swans.

You still notice squirrels frolicking around at the park, which is why you must pack some nuts to feed them. Over five million tourists visit the park yearly, and it has even been featured as a backdrop for different movies.

Spend Some Time at The Neal’s Yard Covent

The Neal’s Yard Covent is a quirky, picturesque, and bright coloured building which is six minutes walk from Neal street. Inside the building, there are plenty of independent shops, cafes, and salad bars. If you have been longing to buy CBD oil UK, Neal’s Yard remedies shop should be your first stop. Neal’s Yard is located in the seven Dials area, and it got its name from Thomas Neale, who was given the land in 1690 by William III.

To enjoy what Neal’s Yard has to offer, you should get there early because the spaces of restaurants and shops are small and the area gets crowded quickly.

Visit the Wander Covent Garden

The Wander Covent Garden is one of those landmarks you can’t miss to see on your 24-hour trip to London. This garden was formally an orchard garden, but today you’ll find stunning flower swings and the royal opera house. You’ll also be amazed by the different street performers displaying their talent. It’s also wise to spare some time and visit the apple market that’s full of artisanal stalls selling different handmade goods, including jewellery and prints.

Cruise on the Thames River

The Thames River is the longest in England, with its serene water floating in front of the British Parliament Building and the Tower Bridge. If you are looking to catch a glimpse of London from a unique standing point, the Thames river cruise will be worthwhile. The other sights you’ll see on your cruise include St, Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye.

Visit Shakespeare’s Globe

On your tour across London, one of the spots you shouldn’t miss to visit is Shakespeare’s globe. This theatre was constructed towards the end of the twentieth century, and it is a renowned theatre across the world since it was recreated from the original Shakespeare Theatre. In the summer months, you’ll find plays being staged at the theatre.

In the months when there are no plays, the area is open for educational purposes. Some of the special tours you’ll get include getting access to stands that are divided into different sections just like the original theatre.

Tour The Tower of London

This is one of the iconic sights in London that you shouldn’t miss. The building dates back to 1078, and it holds some fascinating tales about Britain’s civilization and history. The building was designed to act as a fortress, which is evident due to the structure of the adjoining moat and its walls. On your tour of the tower, you’ll get a closer look at the stunning crown jewels.

Whether you are looking to get a glimpse of the city from a ship cruise, chill in the park or take an afternoon tea bus tour, London has plenty of things you can see and do. The few highlighted in this guide should help you in making your visit to London memorable.


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