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What’s The UK’s Favourite Takeaway?

What’s The UK’s Favourite Takeaway?

When it comes to a takeaway, there’s no better feeling than being able to sit down and enjoy something you haven’t had to cook that tastes great.

However, of all the takeaway options available in the UK, which ranks supreme?

A recent study conducted by Savoo analysed Google search terms to help paint a picture of what the UK loves most.

The UK’s top takeaways

It might come as no surprise, but the most popular UK takeaway is the Chinese. Having 41.33% of all search results, which equates to 44,470 searches, Chinese takeaway is a clear favourite among the British public.

Coming in second place is the humble pizza, which commands 15.71% of search results, and the Indian is a close third place with 12.98%. However, the gap between pizza and Chinese food leaves no doubt as to what Brits prefer.

RankTakeaway TypeTotal Searches% of total searches for takeaways
1Chinese takeaway44,47041.33%
3Indian takeaway13,97012.98%
Credit: Savoo

Which area has the most takeaway lovers?

The study conducted by Savoo didn’t just look at what the most popular takeaway was – it explored other information like which area in the UK was most keen about having a cheeky night in.

RankCityPopulationTotal monthly searchesSearches per 1,000 people
3Newcastle upon Tyne280,1772,93010.5
8Brighton & Hove273,3691,8806.9
Credit: Savoo

The survey examined the number of searches made by every 1000 residents in major UK cities. At the top of the list was Edinburgh, which had 6,010 searches each month across every type of takeaway. This means that for every 1000 people in Edinburgh – a city with 476,000 residents – 12-13 people did a search for a takeaway.

The second place prize goes to Bristol, whose residents searched for takeaway options 11-12 times every month per thousand people, totalling 4880 searches. This was followed up by Newcastle upon Tyne, which had 10-11 searches per month for every 1000 residents.

Which area has the best delivery and collection options?

How do you prefer to order a takeaway – for delivery or collection? This is a pretty significant factor in how popular a takeaway option is. So what areas are best for your preference?

City% offering deliveryCity% offering takeaway
Wolverhampton38.87%Milton Keynes61.31%
Credit: Savoo

A large proportion of takeaways are noted for good delivery options, but you might be surprised to know that the areas which have the best delivery and collection options are Portsmouth and Stoke, respectively.

Portsmouth offers the best number of delivery services for food, with 44% of takeaway restaurants giving a delivery service, seconded by Plymouth with 43%. Regarding collection, Stoke offers the service with a whopping 75% of all restaurants. The closest competitor is Wolverhampton, with 65%.

The best takeaways

The final results are in, and it’s clear to see that the UK loves a good takeaway. There’s something about pre-cooked, hot meals which are oh-so-appealing. However, the results are also interesting to look at – despite being the capital of England, London is noticeably absent from some of the top slots. But we’ll forgive them as they do have an amazing selection of restaurants, cafes and pubs (that also do takeaway options!).

However, it’s not exactly a surprise that Chinese food tops the list, though – who doesn’t love a good Chinese takeaway night?

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